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When Things Don’t Go To Plan: The Options Available For 3 Unexpected Occurrences In Your Life

No matter how hard we plan and how hard we work, it is inevitable that things will not always go to plan in life. What the occurrence itself is, however, varies. Of course, you cannot get pregnant if you are a man! Yet you can be highly affected by an unexpected pregnancy from your partner, wife or girlfriend. Similarly, if you are a stay at home mom, you don’t need to worry about even being made redundant or getting fired. However, if you live a partner who helps to provide for you and your family? He or she being made redundant will not just affect you, but your kids.


As you can see, unexpected occurrences can affect everybody at some point in their lives. This might be directly, or it might be indirectly.

What is important is that are you prepared for dealing with it. Often, when these things happen, they require a relatively quick and decisive course of action. So, giving each of the eventualities outlined below some thought would be wise. Read through each point and take some time to consider what you would do if each occurred in your life. It could save you money, time, heartache and more further down the road.

Unexpected Occurrence One: An unexpected pregnancy

First of all, let’s discuss the occurrence of an unexpected pregnancy. Your options here are relatively limited. After all, ignoring it and hoping it will just go away simply won’t work. So, there are your options. Firstly, you can keep the baby. Of course, to do this, you need to make sure that you are capable of doing this in every way. Are you mentally ready, for example, and do you have the time, money and space for a baby? Another option is to do the exact opposite and to terminate the pregnancy. However, there is also a third option. This is a sort of middle-of-the-road option. Going ahead and putting baby up for adoption after birth means you don’t have to go through any potential trauma of a termination. However, it also means that you don’t have to take on the responsibility of keeping the child yourself. Plus, of course, giving someone else the opportunity to have a child of their own is a wonderful thing! You may contact an adoption agency or child adoption center that can provide a safe, nurturing, teaching home environment for children at a time when they most need it. And if you’re interested in becoming a legal guardian, then you may consider getting help from a guardianship attorney for legal advice.

Unexpected Occurrence Two: A debilitating injury

Our bodies are not made like Ironman, and as a result, an injury may occur in your life at some point. Fingers crossed it will be relatively painless, and you’ll be back on your feet in no time. But what about if your injury is a serious one? What if the injury you have suffered has an impact on your lifestyle or job. Whether this is just for a few months or is now a permanent thing in your life, you’ll need to have some options. To start with, you may also want to consider making a personal injury claim with a lawyer. Even if you don’t want to place the blame at anyone’s doorstep, this could be wise. Some financial reward means financial stability. With this can come greater treatments and medicines. In turn, you may find that living your injury becomes less painful and has a smaller impact on your life. Money may allow you to pay for things like high-quality rehabilitation services. If you have been put in a wheelchair by your injury, for example, having rehab might get you walking again. And, of course, money can also cover any loss of earnings if you have had to miss work because of your injury.

Unexpected Occurrence Three: A redundancy or firing at work

On the subject of the workplace, not being able to work because of an injury is not the only thing that may occur. It may be that you are fired from your job, or alternatively, are made redundant. The former may come with feelings of shame and embarrassment, or that you have been treated unjustly. The second occurrence can stir up similar feelings, but for slightly different reasons. If you need to find a job, this is the only option available to you, unfortunately. At this stage, it is so important that you get on the job hunt straight away. It is widely acknowledged that the longer a person is out of work, the harder it is for them to secure a job. Sure, you might be feeling down in the dumps straight afterward. But after a couple of days of anger or sadness, you need to brush yourself off.

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