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What do Nurse Practitioners Do?

The job field for nurse practitioners in the United States has been open since 1985. That was when a group of people addressed the need for a specialty somewhere between nurses and doctors. That group of people became the American Association for Nurse Practitioners, and represents over 325 thousand nurse practitioners across the country.

If you want to become a nurse practitioner, educational degrees such as CCNE accredited online MSN programs will help you to get there. Learn more about this job, and what it entails right here.

Nurse Practitioners Do

What are Nurse Practitioners?

Nurse practitioners are people that fill the roles and the gaps between nursing and doctoring. They do more than a nurse and less than a doctor. They are an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) with a Master’s of Science in Nursing. Alternatively, they can hold Doctor of Nursing Practice.

Nurse practitioners perform almost all the same functions as a doctor, but they are not as educated as doctors. They serve as appointment providers, prescribe medications, and can diagnose and make referrals. In almost every case, the doctor has a final say on a case. Nurse practitioners work in a collaborative function and rely on a team for patient support, as much as the team relies on them.

What do Nurse Practitioners Do?

Nurse practitioners will handle the more common problems a doctor might see. They serve to unburden the doctor’s work day by managing the minor issues of a caseload. The most common things they see are abdominal pains, urinary tract infections, and even anxiety.

Most nurse practitioners will also prescribe medication, but they often need the approval of the doctor they work for in order to do so. They can fill refill requests as well in many cases.

The Difference Between a Nurse Practitioner and a Doctor

There do appear to be a lot of similarities between a nurse practitioner and a doctor. A primary difference between them is their length of education. Where a doctor usually studies for eight years minimum, a nurse practitioner does not. They also do not have the same practical requirements that a doctor has. Even so, nurse practitioners that study in programs like CCNE accredited online MSN programs have a breadth of knowledge at their fingertips that patients enjoy.

Even so, nurse practitioners can function as a sole point of contact with patients in many cases. Patients often prefer them as well, because it is easier to see them than their doctor on many days. They can also spend more time with a patient during an appointment in many cases, giving a higher quality of care at the moment to a patient than an overloaded doctor is able to.

Get a Nurse Practitioner Degree

If you are thinking of entering the exciting field of nurse practitioner, there are jobs available today. The field is growing, and ready for fresh minds ready to help in the world of health care. Consider an advanced degree such as CCNE accredited online MSN programs today.

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