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Things To Know About Physiotherapy

Individuals who have been hurt or seek to prevent injuries or treat disease may choose to participate in physiotherapy. Before you start searching for physiotherapy Mississauga ON, consider learning a bit more about physiotherapy and what to expect.


What Is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is often called physical therapy. This science of movement is used to treat individuals with physical limitations that have various causes, including disability, disease, injury and other deformity. For example, if you broke a bone, needed cardiopulmonary rehabilitation or were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you will typically need physiotherapy. This technique requires hands-on treatment from qualified professionals.

Types of Physiotherapy

Physical therapy may involve ultrasound treatments that improve blood flow and heat the body’s muscles and tissues to improve their functioning and elasticity. Some medications, such as steroids, are also delivered via ultrasound. This type of therapy decreases inflammation in the ultrasound area. Light and laser therapies may also be used.

In addition to monitored and planned physical activities, some patients receive heat and cold therapies. Needling and electrical stimulation may also be applied to reduce pain and increase physical capabilities.

Some physical therapy is accompanied by prescribed anti-inflammatory and pain medication, at least initially. The goal is to wean you off these medications and get you physically healthy.

Who Are Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists are licensed and trained medical professionals who work with individuals who have physical challenges. They are often involved in diagnosing physical challenges. They also help individuals gain or restore their physical abilities. These individuals are concerned with helping people maintain and improve their physical activity and ensure the proper functioning of their bodies.

You may find physical therapists in hospitals, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, fitness clubs and centers, schools and homes. These individuals also work in specific industry organizations as well. For example, most sports teams have physical therapists on staff. They may also participate in studies conducted at research centers. If you need one, just search the net and type in the keyword “physical therapy near me” to find all the possible candidates in your area.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physical therapy is often prescribed by a physician, but individuals can also seek therapy if they require pain management or recognize their physical challenges. These professionals help their patients avoid surgery. They help patients improve their balance, thus preventing falls. They may also help with pain management because specific muscle and joint injuries are treated, reducing the need for pain medications. Individuals who have experienced stroke or paralysis may also seek physical therapy. Finally, physiotherapists help older individuals move more freely, increasing their mobility.

If you have been injured, have noticed a reduction in your physical capabilities or have a medical condition that limits your physical abilities, consider working with a licensed physiotherapist.

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