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The Signs That An Injury At Work Wasn’t Your Fault

Injuries in the workplace are quite common. In fact, thousands of people have to deal with an injury every year. The fact that you could get injured at work isn’t nice, especially when it could have a serious impact on your health. It is even worse when you realize it doesn’t even have to be your fault. Your life can take a big turn all because of someone else’s negligence, and that is frightening. But, how do you know when an accident isn’t your fault? Easy – by taking a look at the list below.


No Signs

It doesn’t matter how obvious the hazard is because there should always be signs warning you of the danger. After all, there is no obvious reason for you to know that the floor is wet. And, if you don’t know, you can’t take the necessary action to avoid the hazard. In that scenario, you aren’t the negligent party. In almost every case in the workplace, your employer has to warn you of the dangers that exist. Any employers that don’t are the ones that are liable when you file a lawsuit.

A Lack Of Training

Signs are one thing, but training is another thing completely. No one should ever put you into a hazardous situation without the right amount of training. Otherwise, bad things are bound to happen. It isn’t reasonable for any to expect that you could safely operate heavy machinery, say. Although this example is quite specific, the principle is the same throughout the workplace. An employer needs to train you so that you can understand the dangers. Knowing that hazards exist is a start, but understanding them is better. Then, you can do everything in your power to negate them.

Your Lawyer Says So!

No one understands the law better than a personal injury attorney. If they say that it wasn’t your fault, the odds are high that it wasn’t your fault.  The people at the Law Offices of George T. Bochanis have the experience to know when a claim is valid. An experienced workers compensation attorney deals with personal injuries and worker’s compensation on a daily basis, so their opinion is normally correct. Obviously, you will want a more informed answer. Just ask your personal injury lawyer to explain why they think you have a case, and listen to their reasoning. It might sound a little thin at first, but they will also provide you with examples of similar cases.

It’s Dangerous

There is a certain level of danger in the workplace. To a point, it is hard to negate every hazard. However, the major ones should not exist. These are the ones that are likely to cause a life-threatening injury. A bare wire, for example, will give you an electric shock that could be fatal. All of the big threats need dealing with as soon as possible. If your employer has been negligent on this front, your injury is not your fault.

When an injury isn’t your fault, you need to think long and hard about your course of action. It could set you up for life.

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