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The Scary Truth. Five Ways You Can Be Seriously Injured At Work

Where you work may be perfectly safe. You could have a fantastic boss who puts your well-being over anything else. But accidents can still happen. When we are at work we are in more danger than we would think. There can be serious threats to our health that we may not even realise are there. It is not always possible to tell we are in trouble but some incidents can be prevented and businesses can invest in a workers compensation insurance policy.

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Trips And Falls

Perhaps the most common and obvious reason for an injury at work. There are loose wires on the ground that you trip over. A floor was wet without a warning sign. You were not given the appropriate training for the environment you found yourself in. A flickering light or loose bannister caused you to fall down the stairs. Remember, if you are injured at work and it is due to health and safety, you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim.


Your employer should never put you in an environment that is unsafe. But sometimes they may not know. For example, if you are working in an old building it could have Asbestos. Before 2000 Asbestos was used as an insulator and to prevent fires. It has been clinically linked to some types of cancer. If you believe you have been affected by this you may want research Mesothelioma Lawyer Shrader & Associates. They will be able to tell you if you have a case against a previous or current employer.


Repetitive Strain Injury is not as nasty as some of the other issues on this list. But it can be incredibly painful and is easily avoided. While at work, remember to sit with a good posture. Leaning back and slouching in your chair may feel comfortable at first but it can lead to severe arm pain. We also would not recommend crossing your legs. Ensure that you have breaks if you are typing for a long duration of time.


Tinnitus is something affected a lot of retired workers today. They were not given the proper safety equipment to protect their hearing. This means that they now have to deal with a constant ringing in their ears. Is it life threatening? No, but it has been known to get gradually worse until you can barely hear anything at all. However, now there are solutions such as noise cancelling hearing aids.

Back Injury

Does your job involve lifting heavy materials? If you it does you should have been giving training on the proper technique. If you have not been given any training, do not attempt it. Lifting something heavy in the wrong way can lead to you being in pain for the rest of your life. Do not rely on another opinion. If you think something is too heavy, leave it or request for the use of equipment. If your employer tells you to lift it, you should still refuse. It is far better to protect your health.

If you have been affected by any of these issues at work, do not hesitate. Speak to a workers compensation lawyer today. Even if it was years ago, you may still be eligible for workers compensation especially if you have enough evidence to put a case forward against your employer. Remember, if you are the owner of a company it is never too late to improve your business and protect your employees.

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