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The Latest Technological Advances In The Dental Care Industry

Advances in the dental care industry have been huge in recent years. If you haven’t been to a dentist’s surgery for some time, it’s probably changed a lot since you were last there. Here are some of the technological advances that are having the biggest impact of all.


Intraoral Cameras

Seeing inside a patient’s mouth is important, but in the past, it wasn’t always easy. With new intraoral cameras though, the task has never been easier. These small cameras can get into the smallest gaps and crevices in the mouth, allowing the dentist to see all the important stuff. They make it possible for dentists to pick up on those small oral health problems. These would be very difficult to spot without such accurate imaging technology. Most dentists now take advantage of these cameras, and they can also be used to show patients the problems. It gives them a visual reference, rather than just being told about the problem by the dentist.

3D Segmentation

An even more in-depth way of looking at a patient’s oral health comes in the form of 3D segmentation, you can learn more at Eccella Smiles. This allows dentists to look at their patient’s anatomy on a screen as it displays it in 3D. They can look at it from all different angles and assess the problem, as well as potential solutions to the problem. This can then provide guided surgery solutions. And it can ensure that the right course of action is taken by the dental professionals involved. Previously, it was never possible to look at the condition of someone’s mouth and their teeth in such clarity and detail. And this kind of technology will only continue to advance as the years go by.

CAD/CAM Manufacturing

Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing techniques are used in many industries. In recent times, this technology has reached the dental industry too. This form of designing and manufacturing is now used to create accurately design things used in dentistry. For example, things such as crowns, inlays, veneers and bridges can all be created using this technology. They can be made to fit the very specific needs of each individual patient, which means there is no discomfort for them. It’s one of the ways in which technology is managing to create a better set of circumstances for patients.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are having the biggest impact of all on the dental industry. These days, teeth and tooth roots can be created and implanted simply and effectively. They can fully integrate into the jaw bone and do the job that an ordinary tooth would do. Replacing a tooth with an implant has never been quicker thanks to the latest technologies. Dental Implants Services and tooth extraction can be done in no time, and the patient can get back to their usual habits and lives very quickly after the implant has been inserted. It used to be the case that the length of time between the extraction of a tooth and the insertion of an implant was huge. But those days are gone.

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