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The Buzz About Bipolar RadioFrequency

As you age, your body changes, and the beautiful, smooth skin of your youth is a thing of the past. Age, weight gain, and pregnancy affect the look and strength of your skin, making it look lax and dimpled. For some lucky women in the GTA, preventative measures like eating a diet full of antioxidants, drinking plenty of water, and staying out of the sun for prolonged periods of time is enough to prevent loose skin. For most other women,these methods don’t make any difference. If you’re among those who need more than a healthy lifestyle, there’san alternative that can successfully improve the appearance of their skin. You don’t have to look any further than bipolar radio frequency treatments.

laser skin tightening procedures

Bipolar radio frequency treatments tighten skin by selectively using heat energy in the deeper layers of skin. The laser targets the subcutaneous framework of the skin that gives support to the epidermis. By stimulating these structures, collagen and other fibres contract and tighten. The heat from the laser also stimulates the production of additional collagen, so that the treated skin’s structure is stronger. The result is rejuvenated and firm skin. An added benefit to this procedure is increased circulation to your trouble areas. Oxygenated blood flooding your skin’s tissues encourages the breakdown of fat cells and the drainage of retained fluids.

Before the procedure, clinicians will meet with their clients for a consultation. During this private meeting, technician and client will discuss the options available for skin type and sensitivities. While bipolar radio frequency skin tightening treatments are safe for anyone, the length and frequency of appointments may differ depending on skin type. These meetings are also the perfect time to ask any questions or raise concerns about the course of treatment.

While the idea of a laser can seem alarming to some, it is the safest treatment in the industry – that is, when you visit a dependable skin care clinic. When you book an appointment at Hairfree Laser Skin Clinics, you’ll be ensuring your skin’s health to reliable and friendly technicians. The technicians at this clinic are the best in Toronto and the GTA, as their knowledge of and experience in performing skin tightening procedures is unparalleled. Using only the most advanced equipment, these technicians ensure your safety throughout the procedure. Treatments typically last from 60 to 90 minutes and are scheduled every 3 days to maximize their effectiveness; however, they are harmless enough that they require no downtime. They will never stop you from going to work, going out with friends, or just going out in the sun – even right after your appointment! When you’re searching laser skin tightening procedures in the GTA, there’s no better place than Hairfree Laser Skin Clinics.

The skin tightening treatments that employ bipolar radio frequencies are a safe and non-invasive alternative to expensive and surgical procedures. If you want to reclaim the skin of your youth and have tight, smooth skin free of cellulite, be sure to book an appointment today.

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