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The Beginner’s Guide To Listening To Your Body

It is a common phrase to listen to your own body. We might hear it when we’re at an exercise class. We might be told it by our families and friends, or even our doctors. But what does it actually mean? Even if we do start listening to our body, what are we even listening out for? Ultimately, listening to your body means knowing your own strengths and limitations. It means working within the boundaries of what is suitable for you and honestly acknowledging when things don’t feel right. Listening to your body can mean a more harmonious relationship between your physical body and emotions. Our current body is the only one we’ll ever have, and so it is important to use it wisely. That means taking care of it and acting quickly when we notice signs of troubles. If you want to perfect the art of listening to your body, be sure to start with these easy to follow tips.


Keep A Wellness Journal

A wellness journal is essentially a notebook where we can record our moods and physical feelings. We can include dietary information such as what we ate and drank that day and assess whether it was balanced and nutritious. We can record our sleeping patterns to see if there are times we sleep better or worse than others. We can record our menstrual cycle, any illnesses, or other regular intakes such as medication. While this may sound like a thankless task, it can be very beneficial for our minds and bodies. As we inhabit our own body, it is necessarily difficult to be objective. A journal can help us to identify habits, patterns, and rhythms that are difficult to observe when we are actually experiencing them. Through consulting a journal, many people have found that they sleep poorly when they take medication, for example. Or that they have become ill shortly after eating wheat or dairy. Identifying allergens or harmful behaviours can be one of the many benefits of keeping a wellness journal. Ultimately, we will get to know our own mind and body much better.

Consult Professionals

It may seem odd to suggest that listening to others helps us listen to ourselves. But seeking expert advice can help us to keep things in perspective and identify problems correctly. Without seeing a dentist, we might have no idea that we are brushing inefficiently until a problem develops, for example. Without seeing an orthopedic oncologist, we might not be able to distinguish between a benign or malignant lump. Not getting a straight answer or refusing to ask the question can make us feel powerless, isolated, and even worse. Get in the habit of consulting professionals when it comes to your health and wellbeing. You will start to understand yourself far better by relying on the understanding of others.

Learn To Distinguish

Our body is an amazing thing, but it can occasionally let us down. If the relationship between our mind and body is not good, we can find it difficult to differentiate between things. We can easily confuse thirst for hunger, for example, and end up overeating. We can easily think that our exhaustion is just laziness, and push ourselves to breaking point. Being honest and discerning with our own feelings and emotions can take time. But it is well worth the effort. Ask yourself questions regularly and learn to listen to the answers.

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