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Studies Show Coffee Shops Becoming Increasingly Dangerous, Are You At Risk?

Coffee shops are becoming a dangerous place to be. Studies have shown that they’re no longer just peaceful places to read a book. One example of the danger is in burns. Hot coffee has always been known to be a hazard. It seems people are tripping over laptop wires and book bags. This is increasing the level of scaldings seen in coffee shops. Many chain coffee shops use lids to stop coffee spillage. Unfortunately, consumer research shows these lids just aren’t secure enough.

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A man in Canada got scalded when another customer tripped. The lid of their coffee failed to stay secured. The man was splashed with almost boiling coffee. He required medical treatment afterwards. In some cases, the lids have been shown to be too secure as well. A woman in Washington suffered burns to her hands. She was attempting to remove the lid from her coffee but was struggling with it. Upon the use of force, the lid removed itself. She was splashed with her drink, and paramedics were called.

A secondary hazard of modern coffee shops is falling over. Tripping over book bags and laptop wires is apparently more common than five years ago. Slipping is also a concern. Slip and fall lawsuits have been shooting through the roof as a result. In the wake of this, coffee shop chains are fighting back.They are doing everything to reduce liability in the courtroom and the stores. Stores are now littered with warnings about slipping. Consumer rights groups say the coffee giants are trying to slip away from responsibility.

The question has been asked as to why so many book bags and laptop wires are being tripped over. Part of the reason seems to be because of WiFi leaches. Many big coffee chains offer free WiFi. For those who do not have internet of their own, they have become a gathering spot. As a result, the stores are often overcrowded. Writers are also a big feature of coffee chains. Studies have shown that at least thirty percent of coffee chain customers consider themselves a writer. They appear to come in during the day to write instead of doing it at home.

It has also been asked if these people are even buying coffee. Anecdotal evidence suggests they are, but not at a strong rate. Coffee chains are becoming concerned that these WiFi squatters are taking seating from paying customers. There have been a few instances where people have been ejected from stores. A man was arrested in Seattle last month as the result of a scuffle with security over the matter. He is said to be pressing legal charges against the coffee chain. We could not secure a quote from the chain’s legal representative on the matter.

As the summer comes to a close, autumn will start to roll in. The later half of the year sees a marked increase in coffee sales. The anticipation is that injuries in coffee shops will rise again also. Be careful where you step, and try not to spill your drink.

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