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Strange Ways To Keep Your Health In Top Condition

We all know the basics of healthy living. It’s all about eating well and getting plenty of exercise. Keeping off the alcohol and cigarettes can also help us to live long and healthy lives.

Keep Your Health In Top Condition

It all sounds boring, doesn’t it? However, there are plenty of unique and unusual ways to stay fit and healthy. It doesn’t have to be so textbook. So to help you have some fun while staying healthy, we’ve found some of the best and unusual ways to help keep your health in top condition.

Wash Your Hands After Getting Money

Next time you go to an ATM to get your money out, you may want to think about giving your hands a quick wash. There have been many studies carried out on the cleanliness of money from ATMs. And all these studies show the same thing; that there are the same germs on the cash that you will find at a public toilet. This is probably because someone who got cash out before you won’t have washed their hands. Organisms and bacteria that cause diarrhea and other illnesses can be passed this way. Wash your hands with hydrating waterless hand wash regularly.

Wear High Heels

Here’s a tip for all the ladies out there. Wear your high heels as often as you can! The University of Warwick has conducted several studies that have shown the positive impact of wearing high heels. It showed that women who wear high heels often are less likely to develop arthritic problems in their knees. And there is no scientific evidence to suggest that women who wear heels are worse off than those who tend to stick to flat shoes. There have been other studies that show heels can help boost women’s sex life. Wearing them can help tone pelvic muscles. And this can help women achieve a better orgasm.

Drink Red Wine

It is widely believed that alcohol is bad for our health. However, drinking red wine in moderation can actually be very beneficial. Many scientists stand by the belief that a glass of red wine a day can cut down our risk of heart attacks and strokes. Some studies even show that it could help to fight certain cancers. And the health benefits don’t end there. Red wine can also help the body control its blood sugar levels better. This will reduce the risk of diabetes. So next time you come home from work feeling stressed, don’t feel bad about pouring yourself a small glass of red wine! It’ll do you the world of good. Don’t drink alcohol at all? No problem! You can get all the same benefits as red wine from dark grape juice.

Pee Standing Up

Here’s another great health tip for women. Instead of sitting down to pee, you should try it standing up next time. There are many devices on the market that you can buy which will help you pee standing up without making a mess. But why should girls consider doing their business this way? It is all about minimizing germs. When you do it standing up, you are reducing the amount of bacteria and germs that you are coming into contact with. Want to learn more about this method of peeing? You can find even more tips at The Alternative Daily.

Ditch The Moustache

Men who have hay fever may want to get rid of their moustache. All those whiskers can trap pollen and make your reaction to it even worse. If you are adamant that you’re keeping the ‘tache, try to wash it at least twice a day. Studies have found that hay fever sufferers who did so could get away with taking fewer antihistamines. But, ultimately, shaving off the moustache will be the best way to reduce the effects of hay fever.

Watch A Comedy Show

You’ll have no doubt heard the saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’. And you’ll be happy to hear that there is quite a bit of truth in this! Not only does laughing feel great, but there are also plenty of health benefits as well. It can help to lower blood pressure and stress levels. Once these are both lowered to a healthy level, your risk of heart disease will be drastically cut. Laughing can greatly improve your overall cardiac health as well. Every time we laugh, our body releases endorphins. These are natural painkillers. They can significantly reduce chronic pain and make us feel much happier. Trying to get the body you’ve always wanted? Well, you’ll find that laughing regularly can help tone your abs. So next time you feel like your health and mood could do with a little boost, put your favorite comedy movie on!

Make Friends

There are a whole bunch of reasons why we need plenty of friends around us. Firstly, they can be there as a shoulder to cry on if things ever get tough in life. And they can always give you a helping hand if you ever need help getting out of a tricky situation! But there have been loads of studies that show having friends can help us live happier and longer lives. After all, we are social creatures, and having plenty of friends can help us feel like we have a purpose and meaning in our lives.

Stop Using Handwash

You need to swap the handwash in your bathroom for a solid block of soap. Some notable studies have shown that antibacterial handwashes are no better than using ordinary soap. So why waste money on expensive brands when an ordinary block of soap will do perfectly well? That’s not the only reason why you should switch to normal soap, though. Some studies have suggested that antibacterial handwashes can actually help to spread superbugs. That’s because there are some ingredients in them that can encourage bacteria to become resistant. Using a block of soap in warm water for a few minutes is the most efficient way to ensure your hands are completely clean and free from bacteria.

Who knew there were so many weird ways to stay healthy?! And if you want a unique treatment to de-stress, you may want to consider trying float therapy, which offers a unique, meditative experience with numerous benefits for the mind and body. The float tank environment allows the body to fully relax, with zero gravity. This can lead to increased physical wellness and a heightened mental state.

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