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Spinal Cord Injuries: What You Need to Know

Injury of the spinal cord can be one of the most devastating injuries a person can suffer. This being said, it isn’t always as obvious as it sounds. Many people associate spinal cord injury with an inability to walk or move your arms. But there are many ways in which spinal cord injuries can affect someone’s body. Someone with such an injury may not even visibly have an injury, at first glance.


What is the spinal cord?

There is some misunderstanding when it comes to what the spinal cord is. Some think “spinal cord” is a fancy word for ‘spine’. This isn’t the case. The spinal cord consists of the nerves (of which there are 62) that reach from your brain and all the way down your back. These nerves travel from your spinal cord and through your legs, arms, abdomen, and chest. They not only aid in the function of your limb movement. They also play a key role in the function of your heart and lungs.

Look at this system in more detail at HowStuffWorks.com.

What are the symptoms of injury?

The spinal cord aids in your brain’s communication with the rest of the body. Thus, an injury disrupts this communication and will manifest as a loss of function. This may result, as you probably know, in a loss of muscle control. This prevents the sufferer from being able to move their limbs correctly, if at all. Such an injury can also result in a loss of autonomic function – that is, how your internal organs work. It can also result in a loss of certain sensations.

The symptoms, essentially, can range from low-level pain to complete paralysis. Symptoms aren’t always permanent. But they can have long-term psychological effects even when they’re gone. If you’re experiencing back pain due to an injury, spinal decompression may help provide you with a much need relief. You may also visit a chiropractor to explore more treatment options for your back pain.

People suffering these symptoms can seek assistance at SCI-Info-Pages.com.

How does it happen?

Nearly cases of spinal cord injuries are the result of direct physical trauma. As you may have guessed already, the most common cause is a motor vehicle accident. In fact, nearly half of all cases were caused by accidents on the road. Again, these don’t always result in paralysis. But even a relatively minor injury in this area can have tremendous effects. Falls and violence are also common causes. In rare cases, it’s caused by a loss of blood and oxygen supply to the cord. Such cases can occur when someone suffers an aneurysm or severe drops in blood pressure. In addition, for seniors who are prone to falls, Fall Prevention Therapy for Seniors is necessary which allows seniors to practice advanced skill training so that they can move and even fall without the risk of injuring themselves.

If someone suffers such an injury due to someone else’s actions or negligence, they can take legal action. If you need to know more, visit LawsuitLegal.com.

Is the outlook for a sufferer as bad as people think?

Much of the time, no. If the injury is treated right away, then prolonged symptoms can be minimized tremendously. If there is a loss of limb function, it shouldn’t be assumed that this is permanent. Aggressive physical therapy and a positive outlook can help people regain function in a matter of months.

Make no mistake: there are many cases in which the effects are permanent and devastating. But the outlook for most people is nowhere near as grim as you may assume.

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