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Simple Ways To Keep Your Teeth Looking Clean, White And Healthy

Oral health and the health of our teeth is quite a tricky area to take care of. You can floss, brush and mouthwash all day, but it sometimes isn’t enough. Your diet will be the deciding factor, and those pearly whites won’t stay clean if your sugar intake is high.

Toothpaste on brush

Many people will enjoy a diet that’s full of fruits, food that’s great for the waistline but bad for the teeth. Maintaining the health of our teeth is a day to day struggle, and it can often prove frustrating when we don’t see the results we desire.

Luckily, there are a number of cosmetic and dental solutions you can try to tidy up their appearance. While nothing will replace a good diet and regular brushing, sometimes we all need a little push in the right direction. Here are a few simple, pain-free ways to keep those teeth shining brightly.

Brush Immediately After Eating

Starting off with a simple remedy, but one that can work wonders. Not all food will stain your teeth, but the longer you leave it after eating, the more chance of damage. Best to get rid of those tiny morsels of food asap!

This is especially important if you’re a heavy tea or coffee drinker. Try to lower the amount you drink if possible, and schedule your drinks for just before you brush your teeth.

In fact, coffee can have many harmful effects on teeth – see these here http://www.centraldental.com/coffee-harm-teeth-much-think/. And overall, it might be worth cutting the stuff altogether. It’s a worthwhile consideration if you’re struggling with teeth staining.

Have Regular Check-Ups With A Dentist

As much as you think you know your teeth, it’s safe to say a dentist probably knows them better. Whether you go once or twice a year (I’d recommend twice) be sure to make regular visits. It doesn’t take long for an oral problem to rear its head, so twelve months may be too long a gap to wait.

Professional teeth cleaning like teeth whitening cardiff also helps remove plaque, something home solutions can’t do as effectively. If not fixed, this plaque can contribute to that little yellow tinge build up, so best make those visits a little more regularly.

Use Those Straws!

Quite a crafty day to day solution, using a straw prevents those sugary drinks from coming into contact with your teeth. Straws are quite a cheap commodity, and you can reuse them, so this won’t exactly break the bank. If you don’t want to buy them in bulk, purchase a tougher plastic one. This will last you ages and will ensure you don’t have to visit your local store every week to stock up.

You could even take your straw out and about for emergency drinking sessions. I wouldn’t take it to a nightclub though, that may look odd.

Dental Implants

The benefits of dental implants as well as invisalign are numerous, and it’s one of the only options on this list that is a long-term solution. For starters, they’ll replace a lost or damaged tooth with a brand new one that functions just as a real tooth does. Dental implants can also last a lifetime when properly cared for and treated.

In addition, implants don’t need to be removed and placed in a cup. They’ll stay in your mouth until the end of time, and will not fall out or slip. You can replace one or multiple teeth, so a once incomplete smile can be whole again.

You can find more information on dental implants from sites like http://gordondentalcare.com/dental-implants/. On the whole, I highly recommend reading up on the subject. Personal health is something that we all have to take great care with, and teeth are no different.

Whitening/Bleaching Gel

This is the solution that everybody has heard of, and with good reason. It’s fast, cheap and effective, and those whites will be pearly whites in no time. While you have to be extremely careful to not swallow any of the solution or let it touch the gums for too long, whitening works.

You can buy all kinds of the stuff, and the prices are low. It’s then simply a case of applying the solution to your teeth carefully, and leaving it to settle for a few days. You can also purchase whitening strips, which claim to reduce sensitivity and work within ten minutes. While they won’t whiten caps, crowns or bridges, if you want a quick whitening fix you can’t go wrong here.

Make A Baking Soda Paste

Making a baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) paste is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s slightly abrasive, which means it can gently scrub away those stains on your teeth. Secondly, it’s highly alkaline, which is the opposite of acidic. This means it can counteract your diet that may be prone to acidic foods, like fruit and fruit juices. Balancing out the Ph is key, as this acidity can break down your protective enamel.

To make a paste, combine the soda with some water and mix until it makes a paste. Wipe your teeth thoroughly, to get rid of any excess food or saliva, and dry them off with a paper towel. This is important because you don’t want the paste to mix with your saliva and make it go runny.

Then, simply apply your concoction liberally to your chops, using a toothbrush. Don’t leave it on for too long; a minute or two should do. Then simply rinse your mouth thoroughly, and voila!

So, there you have it! A number of hassle free ways to keep those teeth looking and feeling fresh. Dental health doesn’t have to be a nightmare, and it can be quite a breeze. The mouth is such a small area that’s easily hidden, so it’s simple to keep it looking healthy.

However, looks aren’t everything, and you want to make sure your teeth are genuinely well looked after. Visit your dentist, cut back the acid heavy fruit juices, and live healthy. Teeth are a lifetime commitment, and taking care of them now will reward you in future.

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