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Scientists Slam EU’s Proposal to Regulate ECigarettes

After much discussion over the last couple of years, European Union lawmakers look as though they’ll be pushing ahead with plans to regulate E Cigarettes from next year. The new devices allow people to inhale nicotine without the need to consume harmful chemicals that are contained in traditional cigarettes. Although experts on both sides of the argument admit there hasn’t been enough testing to make a rational decision on the matter, it would appear the EU are determined to see these devices available only from chemist chains, and perhaps only to addicts who produce a prescription from their doctor.

Proposal to Regulate ECigarettes

It’s unsurprising then, that so many professional scientists and world renowned researchers have come forward to voice their opposition. The EU lawmakers actually paid for some research of their own a few months ago, and no less than fifteen of the scientists who performed this work are now complaining that politicians are misrepresenting their findings. This is similar to the way in which politicians do the same with most of the research done into currently illegal drugs (just ask Dr David Nutt)

The fifteen scientists concerned have written a letter to the EU outlining their complaints. Unfortunately, the politicians concerned have no intention of responding, as they feel they’re justified in their conclusions. As a result of this comment, many people are left wondering what the real agenda is here. Are the politicians being paid by the tobacco companies to make the new devices harder to obtain? Well, the truth is, probably not. You see; over the last twelve months, nearly every single electronic cigarette business has been bought by a leading tobacco company, so they’d be shooting themselves in the foot.

We caught up with a leading executive from one of the UK’s most popular tobacco firms who told us:

“This latest move appears to be yet another case of EU representatives acting out of fear, rather than evidence. So far, the identified negative effects of electronic cigarettes are minimal, and this means most of the scientific community are satisfied they’re nowhere near as dangerous to the human body as the traditional alternative. Regulating them in such a strong manner seems totally ridiculous, and just serves to show how ill educated and out of touch the EU parliament really are.”

Under the new proposals, anyone wishing to purchase electronic cigarettes or ecig bundles would need to first obtain a prescription or note from their doctor. Although this means poor people should be able to get their daily fix for free on the NHS, it also takes many rights away from those who simply want to smoke or vape in peace.

So, will this new bill make it through the EU parliament and alter the way in which nicotine containing products are available to the general public? We simply can’t say for certain at this stage. However, from what people on the street have been saying, there will be a significant backlash if those out of touch lawmakers plough ahead with their plans.

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