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Running to Success: How to Improve Your Technique

Running is one of the most enjoyable ways you can keep fit. There is no wonder then that so many people opt to take running further, going semi-professional with the sport. There is nothing better than going for a run. It relieves stress; it keeps you fit, and it is a lot of fun.


If you are a regular runner, you may have found that your running technique has become more sloppy over time. Poor technique and style are common problems many runners find, which is easy to solve with just a few simple steps. For instance, using custom orthotics is a great way to reduce the risks of ankle pain and even improve your balance. However, if you sustain foot injuries due to a poor running technique or an accident, you may seek proper treatment from a foot doctor. And if you are suffering from a hammer toe, you may want to visit a foot doctor for a hammer toe surgery.

There is no reason to continue running and not getting anywhere. By making serious changes to the way, you run you can improve your technique and become better at the thing you love most. Many people opt not to change their technique. It is often the case that they fear change or think they don’t have the time. The truth is though that once you have made these changes you will never be the same again. By starting now, you can begin on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Keep Your Energy Levels High

When you have a dip in your energy levels, you will perform worse at running. Without the energy, your body needs to keep going there is no way you can run well. In haste, many runners fail to realise that they don’t have the energy to perform their best. Low energy is a common problem, and many people don’t even realise that it is the reason they cannot complete a full workout.

There are a few ways to keep your energy levels high when you are running. Sugar is good so eating chocolate, or sweet food will help. When you are on the run you can stock up on energy using energy gels, which are easy to eat on the go and help you to top up your blood sugar. The more blood sugar you have in your body, the more energy you will have. Don’t worry about how calorie heavy the gels and sugar snacks are as you will burn off these calories and more during your run.

Avoid Concrete Where Possible

Concrete is awful for you when running. Pounding your legs onto hard, solid ground is dangerous and leads to long-term problems. If you do this for many years, you may need to have surgery in later life, which will cost you and be painful.

If you have already damaged your knees, you need to treat it. You may have to have apostherapy knee osteoarthritis treatment, which will help to solve your problem. There are also many other treatments and types of surgery you may need at some point.

The best thing to do is to avoid concrete from the beginning. Where you can, opt to run on softer ground materials, such as grass or dirt. These places may not sound like they are the best places to run, but it could mean you save your knees a great deal of pain.

Stretch Before You Begin

Stretching is as important as running in the scheme of things. You should never begin a run without stretching, yet so many runners do. It is so important to loosen your muscles and ease your body into a run, as this will help you when running. Yet many people fail to stretch before running. You should stretch every time you embark  on your workout routine.

There are a few easy stretches you can do, which will not only improve your performance when running, but will also make it easier to run. If you build these into your routine, then they will start to feel natural, and you will always remember to do them.

Once you have developed your own system of stretches, you will feel happier and more confident in your workout. Confidence is key in any sport, especially running.

Change Your Diet

If you think that your diet and the way you exercise are two separate things, then you are wrong. How you perform in your exercise depends on what kind of diet you have. People who eat a lot of fast food will not be good at sport. Fast food does not provide them with the right nutrients to workout.

Ensure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet, which will give you enough vitamins and minerals to perform well when running. The best way to do this is to plan your weekly meals and ensure that you balance the right amount of meat with vegetables. Changing your diet for the better will make you healthier and mean your body can take much more strain when it comes to exercise.

Keep Hydrated

The importance of water when running is massive. Each time you run your body is losing moisture in sweat. You must keep replenishing this throughout your workout or you just won’t be able to continue.

By carrying a bottle of water with you on your run, you can solve your hydration problem. It may be difficult to carry a bottle in your hand so consider getting a bottle which connects to your bag. There are many types of water bottle, which made for runners and can help keep you hydrated during your run.

Take Things At Your Own Pace

One mistake that too many runners make is starting too fast. At the start of your run, you have more energy, of course, but this needs to last you. Start at a steady pace that suits you, rather than just running as fast as you can from the offset. You can always work up to a faster pace if you need to, but starting slow is a safer way to run. People who run at a slower pace can focus more attention on their technique as well.

Find a pace that suits your style. There is no shame in being a slow runner. What matters more than how quick you are is how long you can run for during your workout. Starting fast will always mean you need to finish earlier, so take it easy on yourself.

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