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Rob Kardashian Allegedly “Forced” Into Rehab: What Is The Best Way To Help Someone Who Has An Addiction?

News has come out that Rob Kardashian was apparently forced and tricked into going to rehab by his mother, Kris Jenner. Other members of the Kardashian family have also made it known that they are desperate for the 28-year-old to seek professional help for his drug addiction. However, the reality television star is said to be very angry about this approach, even going missing for three days in response.


The question must be asked: what is the best way to help someone you love who suffers from addiction? In Rob’s case, too much pressure from his family has had the opposite effect than intended. Who knows if he will ever be able to forgive them and to seek the help that he apparently needs.

If you know someone who is struggling with an addiction, we have gathered together some advice on how to approach the situation. We hope that it helps you to help them recover.


Before you approach your loved one, get to know more about the power of addiction on the body and mind. There are many myths surrounding addiction, and so it’s important that you seek out clear and reliable information. This will give you a better understanding of what your relative or friend is going through.

Speak up:

You should let your loved one know that you are concerned, but ensure you do it in a calm and caring manner, rather than angry, accusatory or judgmental. If they are in denial, calmly talk them through what behavior you have observed from them that suggest they need help. Avoid an argument at all costs, this will only make them wary of talking to you about this subject in the future.

Present an action plan:

Find out about businesses in your local area that can offer help to your loved one. You might want to start by doing an internet search on a drug rehab center. Find out how they can help, and present this information to your relative or friend. Ask them to take the information away with them and to think about how they want to proceed.

Be positive:

Focus on the positive things that can come from tackling their addiction like a better enjoyment of life and better health. This is likely to be more effective than using scare tactics.

Get help:

Helping someone with an addiction is mentally and physically demanding. Make sure that you have someone to talk to too and ask other friends and family to help you deal with the situation. Do keep it to a minimum though, as you don’t want to seem like you are ganging up on your loved one.

Use your judgment:

No two situations will be the same and so the approach you take should also be based on your judgment. Some people who have been forced into rehab by their relatives or friends have ended up with good results and are thankful to those who forced them. But this will not always be the case. You know your loved one best, so use this knowledge to help steer your actions.

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