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New Study Suggest Spicy Food Really Does Make You Live Longer

For generations, it has been believed that regular consumption of spicy foods can help fight minor illnesses. However, it has now been revealed that they could actively promote a longer life too.


A recent study by medical experts BMJ has concluded that consumption of spicy food can lower the risk of serious illnesses. Cancer and heart disease were amongst the leading afflictions.  Our generation are becoming more and more attuned with the benefits of healthy eating. Could this be a breakthrough in helping us achieve a better diet and live longer lives?

A healthy diet is central to living a positive lifestyle. Most of the population try hard to live the healthiest life possible. We’ve become increasingly aware of potentially dangerous foods. For example, further studies have shown the negative impact of fizzy drinks. In fact, petitions on the subject have even led to the removal of harmful ingredients.

Over the past few decades, public education on food has progressed greatly. Most people now understand that the human body is a well-oiled machine that requires the right fuel to function. Gaining the right nutrition can improve our bodily functions and help promote a better quality of life. This news suggests that spice might be the best way to kick our bodies into top gear and get the extra mileage.

Knowledge is indeed power. Our universal demand for higher food standards has led to many improvements in recent years. The UK’s Food Standards Agency published an updated guide for the meat industry was just the latest example. Finally, organisations and governing bodies are realising just how important this subject is.

Life is precious. Increased morals and knowledge have led to significant campaigns to stop bad health habits such as smoking. It’s only natural that we also promote positive ones like eating foods that encourage a better life. We understand the importance of a balanced diet and nutrition is rightly considered a major priority. The human body is our most prized possession and nobody wants to cause unnecessary damage.

Moreover, companies like Calibre Control have produced equipment for the average family (or food outlet) to test products for quality. We’ve progressed beyond the days of accepting any rubbish. We live in a time where millions take vitamins and supplements to improve bodily functions. Information on how to increase life expectancy would be welcomed by all.

The BMJ study of nearly half-a-million candidates could make a vast difference to modern life. Most people try to employ good habits, such as staying hydrated with at least two litres of water per day. If spicy food is genuinely going to promote a longer life, there is little doubt that people will pay attention.

While the results do make for very interesting reading, even the experts concede that a bigger sample is needed. We may have to wait a little while, but it seems inevitable that the investigation will continue.

Nonetheless, early suggestions do indicate that hot food is the spice of life. At least it gives us an excuse for a curry tonight – not that we ever needed one!

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