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Mind the Gap: Why There’s a Shortage of Science and Medical Graduates

In a world where knowledge is power, there seems to be an increasing knowledge gap with science and medical students. It seems that there is a plethora of reasons why this is the case. Recent studies into this knowledge gap have shown socioeconomic status as the main cause. There has also been a rise in students favouring soft sciences when they embark on their university careers. This has resulted in an increased knowledge gap.

medicalSocioeconomic Status

It seems that science is considered to be an elite subject. This extends into the medical profession. A vast number of those who come from underprivileged backgrounds not taking up medical science. This is resulting in a large knowledge gap in the Western world. Confidence in these subjects, it seems, comes from adults that come from wealthy backgrounds.

Favouring Soft Science

Increasingly, there are a large proportion of students that seem to be favouring the softer subjects. This means that we have a plethora of humanities and arts graduates, but there is a deep lack of medical and science graduates. It is said that this is because science is not treated as a fun subject, in the same way, that Media Studies has been portrayed. Humanities subjects serve a purpose. However, the widening gap means that there will be a severe shortage of medical graduates in the not too distant future. Schools, however, are keen to develop the hard sciences within their students. This is done at the secondary education level. Let’s hope this continues so that we do not suffer the consequences of having a lack of medical and science graduates in the future.

Pay Issues

In the UK, it seems that there is a fundamental lack of well paid medical professions. With this in mind, a lot of medical graduates are seeking to find employment overseas. This means that there will be a brain drain within society. This will result in a substantial shortage of medical and science graduates. However, there seems to be little innovation from the government to ensure that this does not continue. For those that want to seek medical work within the UK, they can do so via http://www.labmedrecruit.co.uk/. There will be a wide range of jobs available suited to your specific skill set.

The Gender Divide

The gender divide in medical science has been widely reported. There is an increasing number of boys taking the subject while girls are left trailing behind. A lot of academic research into these issues has been compiled. Furthermore, there seems to be little initiatives within the UK to encourage girls into a life of medical science. For those that are keen to get involved in medicine, there appears to be a male bias.

The Knowledge Gap

The knowledge gap in medicine and science is ever growing. The problem will become more apparent in the next two decades when we will suffer from a lack of qualified and brilliant minds. The gap needs to be acknowledged. The factors outlined need to be addressed so that we can have a nation built upon scientists and medical professionals. Our health depends on it.

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