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How To Know If Nursing Is Right for You

While nursing may make for a great career, it’s an industry that’s definitely not for everyone. To help you decide whether you should invest your time, money and energy on a nursing degree, it’s a good idea to determine whether you’d make a good nurse. Here are a few pointers to help get you started.

How To Know If Nursing Is Right for You

Your Gender Makes No Difference

While male nurses only make up about 10 percent of the workforce, they do exist. If you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about being one of the few males in your position, don’t let that stop you from going into what could be the most satisfying career you’ll ever have. Think of how many women feel the exact same way you do when it comes to going into a workplace or profession that’s dominated by men. Your bravery could make you a pioneer.

Don’t Let Hollywood Fool You

Maybe it was a TV show that got you thinking about becoming a nurse. One of the first things you’ll need to know is that nurses on TV shows and movies are not an accurate portrayal of real-life nurses. Specifically, their professional function can be skewed to fit a narrative. Rather than base your decision to enroll in a Grand Canyon University Nursing program on something you’ve seen on TV, reach out to actual nurses and get their take on things.

There’s a Great Deal of Autonomy Involved

Something else aspiring nurses should know is the fact that the profession comes with more autonomy than many realize. You won’t feel like a patient in scrubs who’s just following doctor’s orders. Instead, you’ll be engaged in a great deal of critical thinking to make decisions for your patients on your own. You’ll need to sharpen your deductive and inductive reasoning to their sharpest levels while attending Grand Canyon University for nursing, or any other university, for that matter.

You Don’t Have To Pay Your Dues on Night Shift

Despite the belief that nurses have to work night shifts when they first start out and work their way up to day shifts, it’s possible for you to find day shifts when you’re first getting started. It’s where you work and the hiring situation you’re involved in that makes the biggest difference in the type of shifts you work. Also, there are local hospitals that let new graduates fill critical care and specialty roles. What this all boils down to is if you want something specific, don’t be afraid to ask, even if you’re just starting out. The worse you’ll hear is a no, and your employer will know where your interests lie to keep you in mind for future opportunities.

You’ll Need To Be a Professional at All Times

While maintaining professional composure is vital for practically all job sectors, it’s especially essential for nurses. This is because you will hold actual lives in your hands. Everything from attending to patients and administering medication to maintaining patient records impacts the level and type of healthcare individuals receive. Something else to bear in mind is the fact that, depending on where you work, you could treat patients from all walks of life. Know you’ll need to leave your preconceived notions, assumptions and generalizations at the door. Throughout it all, your focus should be on the patient and whatever brought her or him into your care.

There Are Plenty of Opportunities To Explore

One of the greatest things about nursing is the fact that there are so many different opportunities in the industry. From administration and flying in a helicopter to being a travel nurse or administering anesthesia, you’re bound to find the perfect role that matches your abilities and desires. If you’re someone who likes variety, nursing could be perfect for you.

Take the plunge and apply for a nursing program today. As you can see, you have so much more to gain than you have to lose. Start exploring nursing courses and schools today.


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