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How to Become a Doctor

Being a doctor is one of the single most noble professions that there is, saving lives on a daily basis is something that not all of us have the ability nor the capability to do. Those of you who do have the ambition to be a doctor, you have an awful lot of hard work ahead of you.

most noble professions

There are some great specialization in the medical field that you can opt to take on depending on your natural abilities, you could become a G.P. or a pedologist, you could opt to follow in the footsteps of great medical professionals like Joseph Yazdi and become a neurosurgeon or you could decide that you want to help cancer patients and become an oncologist. Whatever your fancy is, here is the steps which you nee dot take in order to become a medical professional.


It is important that you focus on gaining high grades as early on in your education as possible, succeeded at each level of your education will put you in a great position to go to the best schools, colleges and medical schools as you progress through your studies. You should be focussing your early curriculum on science and math in order to achieve the best possible outcome later on down the line.

It is worth considering what kind of doctor you would like to be whilst you are still in high school as this can help influence any pre-med classes which you will take.

When choosing a college ether will be some that have a natural path to med school or affiliations with certain med schools, don’t get too hung up on these colleges, the important thing is that you choose a college that fits with you and you achieve great grades. There are certain requirements in terms of study that you need to complete to be accepted into med school, chemistry, organic chemistry (both with lab) and English are most med school requirements.

Once you are accepted into med school you will need to work and study exceptionally hard to gain the best possible grades, in the first 2 years you will take end of year tests which you need to ace and then years 3 and 4 will see you gain some hands on experience, watch learn and work hard in order to complete med school with honors.

Supporting Yourself

During your education, from high school and upwards you should be looking to do as much voluntary work in the medical field as possible. This will stand you in great stead both when applying for medical school and when you start applying for jobs as a junior doctor.


The actual decision to specialize in a  certain field of medicine won’t take place until the end of your med school education but you should have been working towards a particular specialization throughout your education. Varying types of medical professionals are required to do different amounts of time doing on the job training before they can receive their medical license and you could well be looking at a further 4 years of training before officially being certified as a doctor.

Tony Williams
Tony Williams
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