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How to Adopt a Proactive Approach towards Combatting Disability

Given that, according to the World Health Organisation, 20% of those aged seventy plus and 50% of those aged eighty five plus have a disability it is a statistical fact that as we get older the chance of us getting a disability increases.  By disability, it is generally described by the World Health Organisation as being ‘that which restricts the ability to perform daily living activities and restricts the ability to function independently’. Given that disability involving mobility is most likely to restrict our ability to be independent as we approach our twilight years it may be worth not only ensuring that we take better care of ourselves but also start to put plans in place to ensure that we can keep our independence for longer.


How to Keep Fit and Combat Disability in a Proactive Manner

We can start to take better care of ourselves and help to keep our mobility for longer by, having consulted our doctor, taking Age UK’s advice and getting active! This does not necessarily mean taking on anything too strenuous; increasing what you are already doing could be sufficient to keep your bones strong and your heart and lungs healthy.  If you find the prospect of exercising a little daunting or are concerned about taking up a new activity it is advisable that you contact your local leisure centre for advice.  Leisure centres often have specific classes that are geared towards their elderly users and they are often able to provide you with advice on which activities are the most suitable for any conditions you may have.

Given that, despite our best efforts, we may still develop some restrictions on our mobility which could in turn have a negative impact on our independence; it is also worth considering making adjustments to our homes which would make it easier for us to keep our independence. By making these adjustments to our homes gradually we can not only spread out the cost but also ensure that we are not in position where when we do begin to need them we have to wait or pay for them to be installed. Simply installing safety bars in the bathroom, a curved stair chair lift, or even investing in modern-day mobility vehicles could make all the difference for individuals suffering with a disability. Alternatively, you may consider looking at options for independent living for young adults with disabilities.

With these points in mind, it is clearly possible to adopt a proactive approach when keeping fit and combatting the impact of disability. While it may require a strong mental approach and a willingness to invest, the rewards far outweigh any potential downsides.

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