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How To Adjust Your Lifestyle For A Successful IVF Treatment

We live in a world in constant change and even though we love to benefit from the latest technological development, the improved lifestyle and the countless possibilities offered by the civilized world do have consequences. Among the most notable such consequences, we can mention the effects on our health and level of activity and the rise of fertility problems in most civilized countries.


Because we have access to so many wonderful things, couples in developed countries are more aware of the cost of raising a child. This is why many prefer to wait until they reach a more mature age and financial stability before they have a baby. And this is mainly the issue as the reproduction system is not as agile as the years go by. That’s why more and more couples turn to in vitro fertilization.

However, IVF is a long process filled with ups and downs as no one can guarantee its success. To lend a helping hand to couples in a difficult spot, we will talk about lifestyle changes that may help with boosting the treatment.

  • A healthy body

Each in vitro fertilization clinic will test you for certain health issues that could have an effect on the implantation’s success. For instance, you will be put through an overall health test that covers things like thyroid problems and prolactin levels. If there is a history of diabetes or systemic diseases in your family there will be added tests but if the general state of health in the family is good this is a great advantage.

To make sure your good level of health is maintained you should keep a healthy diet with fibers and proteins and exercise moderately. Also, try not to smoke or take any other substances that could endanger the process.

  • Get some rest

You will be quite stressed with the success or failure of the treatment so you won’t need any additional stress from work. That’s why it is recommended that during IVF treatments you take some time off and relax doing what you love.

This should be time for you, getting mentally prepared for what’s to come. Try to relax as much as possible and learn to feel good about yourself.

  • Don’t listen to word of mouth

It’s tempting to believe that there is something you could do extra just to make sure the treatment will succeed. The internet is filled with advice from foods you can eat to exercises and other techniques that are supposed to help. However, even if these may seem harmless, during an IVF treatment focusing on certain foods and exercising too much may be detrimental.

If there was something you could do, the fertility doctor would have put those in his/her recommendation. Sadly, there is no miracle method to go through this faster. All you need is a good state of health, low levels of stress, and patience.

  • Avoid long baths

Who doesn’t love sitting in a tub filled with hot water and lots of bubbles? Well, if you want the treatment to succeed, you should avoid them and try as much as possible to take quick showers (the water should be warm, not hot).

Of course, there will be other changes in your lifestyle, but you should get accustomed as, with a new baby, your life will change completely. It will take effort and a lot of getting used to, but it will be all worth it in the end.

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