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How Small Businesses Are Coping With the Nightmare Of Health And Safety

Injuries at work are a serious  matter health and safety can strike fear into the hearts of many business owners. We are going to take a look at how they struggle to cope with the ever-present threat of litigation from people that will search for a compensation lawyer. I would not dare say that they aren’t entitled to it if they genuinely come to harm on the premises or through the actions of an employee. But we all know it is a bloated industry full of false and unfair claims.

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I spoke to the manager of an insurance litigation company to find out the methods they use to protect their employees and the public.

Building Maintenance

They maintain the building on a regular basis and at the first sign of an issue they call an expert. The commercial roofers just like the ones at Atlanta commercial roof repair service say that a falling roof tile, for example, can kill or injure a passerby. The cost of the repair is tiny compared to the distress of the injured person and their family. It will also open the business to an expensive personal injury claim that could send it into bankruptcy. They keep the paths outside the premises in good order too and make sure that they do not present a hazard.

The fire alarm and fire door are the most important safety feature in a commercial building. We learned from the old days that people will lose their lives if we fail to detect a fire early and evacuate the building. Legislation demands that they test the alarm on a weekly basis and perform an annual service. The latest digital panels monitor all of the circuits and devices and will indicate a fault in any one of them. They are a wise investment.

The buildings feature internal fire doors and standard fire exits. If you notice that fire doors are already worn out, you might consider having a fire door repair service. Emergency lighting guides people to them if the power fails for any reason.

Internal Safety

It is vital to keep the staff happy and healthy in the building. That means they must provide expensive equipment for them to use. The office chair, for example, is the usual cause of back pain for office workers. So, you must find a better office chair like an ergonomic office chair which offers a perfect balance to keep your body moving throughout the day! The employers believe it is a false economy to purchase inferior items from a catalogue store. It could cause their workers to take time off because they have a bad back.

Tripping Hazards

The business owner told us that tripping hazards are a huge worry in offices where there is a lot of computer equipment about. They place desks back to back so that the wires are between them and out of the way, and they invested in some floor sockets so that no cables trail to the power outlets on the walls. Tripping hazards are one of the easiest things to deal with, but you must be ever vigilant.

There is some good news that surprised me. At the end of the year, many businesses like to invest money in the business in order to lower their tax liability. It is an ideal opportunity to upgrade their safety systems and bring in the best ergonomic furniture for their staff.

The red tape is there to protect us all and businesses are on the ball with it. After all, it is there to protect each and every one of us.

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