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How Dangerous Is It To Be A Doctor?

Junior doctors in England are currently rallying in favour of striking before the year is out. The row started over contract changes that ministers are trying to bring into the profession. Junior doctors believe this will dramatically reduce the amount of money that they can earn. How much do junior doctors earn? It can be anything from twenty-three thousand up to seventy thousand per year. That’s in part due to the extra benefits that they gain from working unsociable hours. Part of the new contract aims to cut back these benefits. But, it’s interesting to ask if doctors are worth what they are paying paid? Specifically just how dangerous is it to be a doctor?

Doctors Without Borders

May The Odds Be In Your Favour

If you think about it, you probably go to the doctors or the hospital at most, maybe three times per year. Some it could be more, some less but we seriously doubt the average is anywhere over ten. Now a doctor obviously heads to work in a hospital or clinic every working day. They are surrounded by patients will illness and sickness. While measures are in place to lessen the chance of spreading infection, some days it must feel like they are playing the odds. After all if there is an outbreak of a serious disease it’s going to be doctors that are in the thick of it. That said, biologically the more you are exposed to a disease the stronger your immune system becomes. So perhaps doctors and nurses develop the strength to fight off illness.

Danger Zones

Doctors are often in contact with dangerous chemicals and dangerous equipment. If you like, you can consider the job of a radiologist. They will be dealing with radiation therapy for most of the day, often coming into close contact with patients. Even the smallest amounts of radiation can damage the eye. That’s why it’s important for doctors that use equipment like x-rays, to have protection. Radiation protection glasses, are essential for any doctor who specialises in this field. However, it still doesn’t council out the fact their job requires them to be in harm’s way.

Difficult Patients

It doesn’t take much of a wait to see a difficult patient enter a hospital. This might be a drug addict trying to score some painkillers. Don’t forget that research has shown methadone to be a strong substitute for heroin. Or, it might be someone that imposes more of a danger. Doctors have to be prepared for these types of scenarios and it’s almost written into the job description. But, it doesn’t make the situation any less dangerous.

Doctors Without Borders

It should also be remembered that doctors do not often work in hospitals for their entire life. Many go to war-torn countries with the aim of helping those in need working for Doctors Without Borders. They do this despite the risk to their own life. For that reason alone, we should value doctors and nurses more than we perhaps do. Their lives are filled with danger.

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