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How Banish Panic Attacks

Most people who have a panic attack for the first time in their life are convinced they are having an actual heart attack. The surge of anxiety is unreal, your vision can temporarily blur, and you can temporarily lose feeling in your hands while feeling a tingly feeling down one or both arms. Some people feel extreme chest pain, and it’s no joke. Learning how to banish panic attacks from your life is essential to not being crippled by anxiety.

Panic Attack

Defining a Panic Attack

Panic attacks are different than regular bouts of anxiety. The surge of stress you feel with a panic attack peaks very quickly and comes with shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pain, dizziness or lightheadedness, tingling sensations (paresthesia), sweating, trembling or shaking, nausea, or abdominal distress.

Panic attacks can happen when you’re under a great deal of stress from work or many other aspects of your daily life. They can occur when you’re physically ill, experiencing a lack of sleep, eating poorly, and not exercising enough. If you need help with your troubled sleep daily, you can ask for help at Simply Sleeping Pills.

Prevent Panic Attacks from Happening

At the heart of it is to remember that emotions are energy in motion in the body. If you’re feeling anxiety come on with negative thoughts or replaying some horrible event in your mind, remember to label it emotion and energy. Recognize it as energy. Say it out loud if you must, “This is energy.” Labeling it for what it is, removes the negative connotation of it being “anxiety.” At that point, remember that energy needs to travel somewhere like electricity needs an outlet to be productive. Which ways does your body release trapped and overwhelming amounts of energy? Do more of those things.

  • Practice deep breathing or mindfulness daily
  • Meditate daily
  • Adopt an exercise program where you break a sweat regularly (Read More About This here)
  • If you’re an adult, engage in more healthy, safe, and consensual sexual activity

You also want to visit your primary care provider to rule out other medical problems. Also, consider using an app that helps you relax, like the one put out by UnwindingAnxiety.com.

How do you deal with a panic attack when it happens?

Remember that what’s happening to you is not your fault! Remember that this is energy trying to make its way out of your body. Stop what you’re doing and help it escape. Similar to working with electricity, find a way to ground yourself. Walk barefoot in the grass, nature bathe, or physically grab a wooden object, like a door jamb. Keep your body open and fully breathing from your diaphragm. Trying this may feel counterintuitive, especially as your body wants to ramp up the breathing. Focus on taking big, long, deep breaths, even if you fail a little. Find Breathwork Facilitator Near Me if you need help from a professional.

Keep your head back and up while you look at the sky, for example. If you begin to get dizzy, feel free to sit or lie down in a safe place and remain distraction-free until the energy leaves your body. You might feel your body tremble, or you may begin to cry a little. These indicators are not signs of failure. They are just the energy leaving your body. Remind yourself that this is normal and that you’re doing great no matter how bad it feels.

Drink water when it passes and understand that you might feel more tired later in the day than usual. You did not fail to release energy if you felt intense emotions or felt like you had a heart attack. By remembering what happened to you, grounding yourself in some way, and breathing your way through it as best as possible, you did awesome at helping the energy release itself.

Ways to Banish Panic Attacks for Good

People have panic attacks because somewhere in their mind, they believe bad things will happen if one or more situations play out the way they are imagining. The thinking of this repeatedly creates neuropathways in the brain where energy will start flowing, similar to a trench that forms along the side of the road where water drains. Once enough energy keeps traveling down this pathway, the ego tries to alert you of the potential danger by freaking your body out.

To banish panic attacks for good means truly changing your beliefs and mindsets so that negative things aren’t constantly replaying in your mind. Combine this with practicing ways of releasing energy from your body regularly through physical movement, and it will help reduce stress and keep panic attacks at bay or eradicate them for good.

To banish them for good, remember that panic attacks are simply a lot of energy trying to escape from your body. Help it escape both preemptively and during a panic attack. Be kind to yourself as you learn new ways of releasing energy from your body. If you’re continuing to struggle, you may seek counseling services or try to redirect to EU Meds for medication. Counseling can help you better understand why you’re having panic attacks and learn the methods that you can use to prevent them.

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