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How Back Pain Is Becoming Increasingly More Common And How To Fight It

One of the prevailing problems that has always been a widespread health care issue is spreading to more people than ever. Back pain is something that can stick with you in different levels throughout your whole life. But how is it becoming so common again? The ease of labour should have made it more difficult to develop back problems, but that’s not true. Below we take a look at some of the most common causes, how to avoid them and back pain management.

Back Pain

At work

There are a lot of different ways you can get injured at work. Particularly in labour situations, there is a tight policy on safety simply because of how common accidents can be. That said, the office can be a dangerous place to someone’s well-being too. Back pain is commonly reported by those who spend long times at computers without the aid of ergonomic seat and desk placement.

Sports injuries

Back pain is a common result of injuries caused by sports and fitness. Mostly, this is due to muscle tightness and scar tissue, which can be eliminated by the right post-workout massages or herniated disc treatment. Rehabilitation exercises are also an important part of getting over any fitness related injury. Neglecting to properly rehabilitate can turn a temporary pain into a much longer lasting ache, and in some cases the best solution will be a hernia repair procedure so as to ensure a full recovery.


Sleep has so many great health benefits that it can be a surprise to consider that is also the cause of one. Mostly, it’s related to how you position yourself in your sleep. In particular, sleeping on your front is not great for how your back is positioned when unconscious. Too much bed rest during illness or recovery from injury is another way of causing your back injury from lack of exercise.


Mental illness has a lot of influence on the rest of your body. After all, the distinction between mental and physical is only tenuous at best. Stress and depression are two conditions that can actually cause a lot of back pain. This is mostly due to the tension that builds in the body. This constricts blood vessels and decreases oxygen flow. Less oxygen means a build-up in bio-chemical waste in muscles. In turn, this waste manifests as pain.

Poor posture

Perhaps the most common cause of repeating back pain, especially in younger people, is poor posture. Not only can poor posture result in pain, but also the deformation of the spine and ribcage. An improve posture brace can fight the effects of bad posture at the source. This way, users can also unconsciously emulate the posture until their own naturally corrects itself.

Lack of exercise

Neglecting to exercise, particularly doing exercises to the core of the body means that your back Is less equipped to bear the load it does. Though you may feel like staying off it entirely, doing the right exercises can actually lessen the long-term pain you feel in your back. For example, crunches are perfect for developing your core. That said, you should also know which exercises to avoid, like toe touches.

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