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How After-School Programs Are Helping Improve Kids’ Health

It’s more important than ever before to combat the epidemic of childhood obesity. The problem seems to be growing exponentially, and it costs a lot of money to deal with. As with all health problems, prevention is the best option to go for. So, how do we prevent the ill-effects of childhood obesity? Exercise and diet are the obvious answers.


We’re now seeing a bit of good news for a change though. A group called Shugoll Research have found that after-school programs are emerging as a great way to get kids healthier. Their research was based on information from 30,000 American families. They found that younger children are especially likely to benefit from after-school programs and a majority of young children do attend them now.

So, why is it so important for kids to attend after-school programs? Well, some after-school programs are centered around physical activity, and it’s an advantage if this is the case. But even if the program itself does not involve physical activity, it can still be incredibly helpful. The chance to socialize and meet new people allows kids to expand their horizons and improve their chances of getting good grades.

If you’re a parent looking to encourage your child to take part in physical activities, after-school programs can be a great place to start. You can buy them the equipment they need if you want to encourage them to get involved. If they’re showing an interest in joining the school baseball team, buy them a marucci cat 6 bbcor and tell them to get involved. Most kids need the support and encouragement to make that first step. The program will then help them get in good shape over time without putting any pressure on them.

On top of that, a lot of kids from low-income backgrounds don’t get the healthy meals they need because their parents can’t always provide healthy foods because of a lack of finances. But a lot of the after-school programs that were researched provided healthy food for the kids too. If kids aren’t getting the right kinds of food at home, having a healthy meal a couple of times a week at an after-school program can really help improve their health.

Researchers believe that getting kids into the habit of being active and eating well can potentially set them up for the rest of their life. But they also warn that these programs alone aren’t enough. There’s a lot more that families need to do to make sure their kids stay active and healthy. It’s recommended that kids get a few hours of exercise each week and eat a balanced diet.

Childhood obesity is catastrophic for the health care system, for the individual concerned and for the economy as a whole. The country functions best when as many people as possible are healthy and able to work. We have a long way to go, but the fact that these programs now exist is a small victory against the big problem of childhood obesity.

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