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Had an accident at work? Here’s what to do

You wander through your workplace, humming a jaunty tune. Your head’s in the clouds, your feet are shuffling idly and you’re satisfied. Little do you know the trouble about to hit you.

Striding gracelessly, you never noticed the length of wire stretched tightly across your path. With a pained scream, you trip over the wire, smashing your head against a nearby wall and feeling the bone in your left leg quietly shatter.

Lying on the ground, your head is dazed. You can feel your shin bone prodding your skin, pushing its shattered remains from your body.

Weeks later, you’re resting at home with your leg trapped in a plaster cast. An ad pops on the telly featuring a suited, booted business professional.

“Have YOU suffered an accident in the workplace?” he asks, pointing an accusatory finger outside the screen.

And this isn’t just some madman asking you – it’s an injury claim lawyer, and he can help you gain a mound of moolah for your pains.

Indeed, you’re not the first person to get a broken leg at work. All across the UK, thousands of people every year are injured through no fault of their own – some injuries are even fatal.

The claims process isn’t just about getting easy money fast, however.

Why claims are vital

Just imagine what workplaces would be like if there wasn’t a claims process in place.

Malevolent bosses would be rubbing their hands at the thought of cutting corners on health and safety. You’d be operating machinery that spits fumes at you, all while cackling line managers drop their cigar ash on the oil covered ground.

But with the threat of an injury claim hanging over their heads, even the greediest boss has to make sure their employees are safe. However, if this unfortunate event happens to you, hire the Workplace Accidents in California to process your claims and get the rightful compensation.

So, making a claim isn’t all about dosh – it’s your civic duty.

With that in mind, what should you do when you see that ad on the telly?

Making your claim

First, pick up the phone. You’ll be put through to a personal injury attorney. Then, you’ll be scheduling a workers compensation attorney consultation so you can provide the details on every facet of your accident. If your representation decides you’ve got a case, it’s onto the next step. A personal injury lawyer can help you seek compensation from the injuries you’ve sustained. If you’re facing legal challenges in Sacramento, CA, rest assured knowing that there’s a personal injury lawyer you can trust to diligently represent your interests. So make sure to consult your Arlingrton Heights personal injury lawyer.

That’s when it’s time get all Columbo and gather evidence. CCTV footage, workplace layouts, witness testimonies, qualified medical evaluator’s reports, the emotional impact of the accident – all of this could make your claim foolproof. Make sure as well to get a Workers Compensation Injury Physical Therapy after the incident.

After this point in the process, you’ll largely be riding in the back seat. But if your case goes to court, you’ll suddenly find yourself front and centre.

It can be a stressful situation, being in court, but don’t let it overwhelm you. If you’ve been adequately prepared, you’ll be able to lay out a convincing claim.

Whether you win or lose, you’ll have served you civic duty. So if you’ve had an accident at work, you know what to do.

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