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Fitness Trends For 2015

As 2014 comes to a close, most of us begin to look towards the New Year. We will create our inevitable New Year’s resolutions list. We will promise to be better with money, progress in our career or see family more often. Highest on the list will be the promise to get fit. Whether it’s a desire to eat healthier or join a gym, getting fit is on nearly everyone’s New Year’s resolution list.


So let’s take a look towards 2015. While fitness and health is always at the top, the nature of this changes year to year. There’s always a new trend or fad in the fitness world. Believe it or not, gyms are a relatively new phenomenon. Exercising can be a little dull and we are always searching for new ways to keep it interesting. As a result, the popular exercising methods change every year.

Back to basics

The biggest shift in 2015 is the move away from heavy body building. We are still suffering this hangover from the 90s where huge muscles were all the rage. This is no longer the case. Our celebrities are lean and trim, but rarely overly muscular. This is reflected in our own fitness regimes. We are becoming more and more interested in our ‘core’ muscles. Instead of building large biceps and pecs, we are looking at the body as a whole. This means workouts can be done at home. This kind of body is crafted through basic workouts like planks, press ups and abs crunches. Gone are the huge dumbbells and bench presses.


Yoga, pilates and other similar stretching classes are already very popular. However, don’t for a second think they have hit their peak! More and more people are discovering the benefits of these stretching workouts. Their effect on the core muscles is unparalleled. Marianne Wells Yoga Instructor can help you build strength much faster than you’d imagine. More importantly, they provide some much needed relaxation and calm in our hectic lifestyles.


Many people will turn to walking in 2015 without thinking about it. Environmental consciousness is growing year by year. We are more aware of the damage we have done to the planet through our reliance on cars. More and more people will shun the car in favour of walking. Our roads are also becoming busier and our morning commutes are getting worse. Not only that, but walking clubs are growing in popularity. You only have to look at the rise of walking football to get a sense of this back-to-basics fitness.

Workouts for the elderly

Our elderly population is the most spritely we’ve ever known. Exercises classes specifically for the elderly are springing up in most gyms across the country. You can expect this to continue well into 2015. Our elderly population has more disposable income than any previous elderly generation and are in better shape.

2015 will be the year of toning and sculpting rather than large muscle growth. With that in mind, start practicing your planks and yoga poses! Ditch the car and start walking. Next year is all about the simple, back-to-basics exercises. You’ll need them to squeeze into your hectic, busy lifestyle.

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