Published On: Wed, Oct 19th, 2016

Elements of a Holistic Drug Rehabilitation Program for Prescription Opioid Addiction

If you or a loved one have an opioid addiction from prescription painkillers and are looking for the best way to rid your life of this addiction, you need to take a long look at the benefits of a Holistic Drug Detox program. The following are a few of the benefits of doing this.

Prescription Opioid Addiction

The reason for your addiction will be addressed

Unlike many other drugs, people who are addicted to pain killers often begin taking these prescription drugs because of pain they experience. If you were in a lot of pain before your addiction, once you rid your body’s dependency on opioids, the pain will return. The temptation will be strong to begin taking this type of medication again. With other drugs, there is a physical addiction as well as a psychological addiction that must be addressed, but with pain killers, there is often the additional issue of the source of the pain.

Special attention to the physical withdrawals

The physical addiction to any opioid is very powerful. There are many who consider it to be the strongest of all physical addictions among drugs that are abused. Just because these are prescription medications, does not mean that they are any less addictive than more well known addictive substances such as morphine and heroin. According to Legacy Healing Center, whether they are obtained legally or not, substances such as hydrocodone and oxycodone in pill form are intensively addictive. To insure the best chance of cleansing your body of these drugs and beginning the process of detoxification, you will need the assistance and supervision of a medical staff in an inpatient care environment.

Addressing the issue of psychological addiction

Once your body is no longer physically addicted to opioids, there will be an issue as to why you became addicted to begin with. For some people, their drug addiction did not begin with a legal prescription. From the beginning, these drugs were taken and abused. The reason for this must be addressed. A holistic approach will include a discovery of the cause of the drug abuse, and a plan can be developed to eliminate the need for opioids in your life. This is similar to an approach taken with other drugs.

Addressing the issue of unintentional addiction to painkillers

All that is meant by unintentional is that there was a prescription written by a doctor to help with a legitimate pain you were in. Although the pain was temporary and went away after your injury healed, the desire for the painkillers remained. For example, a prescription could have been given while recovering from a painful accident. Once you have recovered, you continued to take the medication, legally or not. Perhaps it it is a psychological desire you had or you were over prescribed the medication and have become physically addicted to it. In either case, the psychological issue of addiction must be addressed. There is no reason to use this type of medication unless you really need it. Part of a holistic approach to drug rehabilitation is counseling to address the need for the high from pain killers.

Addressing the issue of pain management

It is possible, and is also common, to have physical pain and become addicted to pain killers. If this is the issue, you will need to have a plan for managing your pain after you are taken off pain killers. The process involves identifying the source of your pain and creating a pain management plan. This can include nonaddictive pain medications along with various exercises that are geared toward reducing pain. Depending upon the nature of the pain, a better diet and weight loss can be effective elements of pain management. Without addressing the issue of pain, you will likely be right back using prescription pain killers.

Health and nutrition

Whatever medical issues you have that are not drug related will be addressed properly. Along with this, you will experience a proper diet of delicious foods prepared for you as well as nutritious snacks. Most people who are addicted to drugs have neglected their nutrition, so eating healthy will make you feel good at a time when you need it the most. Getting all of your vitamins and minerals will also help you stay drug free because you will feel physically better.

Holistic care means having a comfortable environment. Comfortable facilities include comfortable beds to sleep in and chairs to lounge in during your stay when you are not engaged in therapy or other group activities. Large televisions allow for a relaxing time while your body heals after drug withdrawal. A New Day and a new life await you. You only need to take that first step to get the help you need.