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Dealing With The Risk Of Alcohol Dependancy

Every day, nearly 30 people in the US alone die due to alcohol-related accidents. Over 88,000 deaths are attributed to alcohol use every year. Ever made the mistake of believing that alcohol dependency isn’t a problem of vital importance? Hopefully, these facts can make you see otherwise. It’s a problem that can seem to grow out of nowhere and impact your life in a variety of different ways. Here, we’re going to look at the signs, the risks and what you can do about this widespread concern.

alcohol-related accidents

Signs there may be a problem

It’s natural to get concerned about someone who seems to spend more time than most indulging in a drink. Liking a drink doesn’t always mean having a problem, of course. So it can be a very risky subject to broach. However, there are some signs that should be sending off alarms in the head of anyone concerned. If someone feels the need to hide or lie about their drinking, they may well be aware themselves that they have an issue. Other warning signs include having to drink in order to relax or being unable to stop themselves when they start. It’s important to be able to tell the difference between someone who enjoys a drink and someone who needs to drink.

The dangers of losing control

The truth is that alcohol abuse has a myriad of dangers lurking behind it. From a purely health based standpoint, the damage that it can do internally is well worth concern all on its own. It can lead to liver failure, mouth and throat cancer and high blood pressure. Impotence in men and infertility amongst women are other long-term concerns. It can be just as dangerous for your mental health, as well. Alcoholism is often linked to issues like depression, anxiety and stress. Then you have the sheer fact that alcohol drastically reduces your ability to make correct judgements. Alcohol abuse can easily lead to getting into fights, accidents and worse. For example, you may need the help of services like Scheiner Law in fighting off a DUI.

Getting help

From identifying the problem and the risks involved with it, you then need to think about how to stop it. Intervening in someone else’s problem, or even your own, is a big first step. Beyond that, you need to see about getting help. Support from those who care is a must-have. But you should be taking further steps to give them the best chance they have of beating addiction. For most people, that best chance comes in the form of selecting a rehab facility. Do your research on nearby facilities. Make sure they have plenty of information on their treatment and their staff.  Try even speaking to previous patients. Put your mind at ease that you’ve found the best place for help you can.

Alcohol dependency is going to affect approximately 17% of men and 8% of women. It can strike anyone, at any time. Be prepared to spot it in those you love, as well as yourself. Then take the steps to stop it before it’s too late.

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