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Buying Insurance: Go Direct or Third Party?

Securing insurance for anything is something all of us aim to save money on. We still want the best cover with that lower price though. Thankfully the internet has made searching out the greatest deals on everything from car to homeowners insurance easier than ever with the rise of comparison websites. However, is it always the best way to get the cheapest and best insurance or does going direct still have its merits?

Buying Insurance

Direct: Positives

Using a comparison site is great for looking around and comparing deals but buying insurance direct takes away the added hassle of using a third party. You will get a far more personal experience as you can actually interact with salespeople either over the phone or in person. This is extremely helpful when tailoring your insurance package to specific needs, something few comparison sites can do. The entire process is also a lot quicker when going direct.

Direct: Negatives

The main negative of going direct is that you could be missing out on a better value insurance package elsewhere. For this reason it’s best to shop around beforehand to know what else is available on the market and then go direct. Waiting for insurance documents to then arrive can take longer than when using comparison sites which already have your details. There can also be more pressure when talking with a salesperson that adds on unnecessary costs.

Third Party: Positives

Comparison sites do pick out some of the best insurance deals for whatever it is you want and present them in an easy to understand way. This can be done any time of the day that suits you and there is no pressure to sign up there and then. It can be a lot simpler than going direct and point out elements you may have missed or not accounted for. Using a comparison site is also free, so there are no extra hidden costs either.

Third Party: Negatives

Comparison websites make most of their money via people clicking through on links. This means the cheapest deals are put at the top but often these aren’t the best value and only provide standard cover, not always suitable for your needs. They also don’t list all insurers on their sites so you can miss out on some bargains. Even when some of these are listed, for one reason or another any special deals they have are not normally included.

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