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Battling Arthritis

Sometimes it appears as if the mainstream media has no interest in any health problem that isn’t terminal or leaves a permanent damage on the body. While these are terrifying and deserve media coverage, significantly greater number of people suffers from chronical, painful illnesses, which seriously diminish their quality of life. One such illness is arthritis, and seeing how there are more than 100 types of it, there is still no one universal cure. This particular condition causes pain in a single or multiple joints and can therefore pose a hindrance for any activity you decide to do. Here are a few tips on how to successfully deal with it.

Battling ArthritisLearning about Causes

First of all, it is reassuring to know that causes of the most common types of arthritis are, more or less, well-known. In most cases, it is an infection that manifests itself in your joints. Apart from this, arthritis can also stem from an autoimmune disorder, which is basically a situation where your immune system suddenly starts treating parts of your body as hostile. Finally, you should be aware that weight and gender also affect the chance of you developing this illness, since numerous surveys have shown it is more common in overweight people and women. Some people also have a hereditary tendency towards developing arthritis. If you notice that you fall under some of these risk groups, you may want to pay a bit closer attention to the early symptoms.

Noticing Early Symptoms

A good thing about arthritis, if there is even such a thing, is that it is not something that develops overnight. This means that noticing some of the early symptoms and treating them immediately can have a great effect on your body. Most reliable indicators of arthritis are stiffness, swelling and pain in the joints. However, there are a few more potential warning signs you may want to keep an eye on. Some types of arthritis cause loss of appetite, anemia and even fever. Keep in mind that if you continue to ignore this problem, things are only going to get worse.

Changing Your Lifestyle

Next thing you want to do is change your diet, as it can help you with fighting against this terrible illness. Fish, olive oil, soy beans, cherries and many other nutrients are known for their anti-inflammatory effect, which is why they are more than great for people suffering from arthritis. Some people make a mistake of ditching the dairy products, but this is  extremely wrong. Not only do they supply you with an important dosage of vitamin D, but they also keep illnesses like osteoporosis at bay.

Furthermore, you may also want to try out a few of the anti-arthritis exercises. What you need is a low-impact aerobics training as something that will keep boosting your endurance while not being too physically demanding to perform. Practicing Yoga, going for long walks or doing a water workout are just some of your options.

Look for Adequate Medication

Lastly, we live in the era of great improvements when it comes to medical recovery and even greater breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical industry. There is absolutely no reason for you to be under a constant pain as new solutions in arthritis treatment are continuously evolving. Present day glucosamine based pain relief medicine can noticeably mitigate the pain caused by arthritis. Still, keep in mind that this will only be a temporary solution, and that treating this condition may require an orthopedic medicine specialist or even an orthopedic surgeon. Remember, the pain may be alleviated, but the underlined condition still remains present in your body.


Unlike some other illnesses, arthritis is not something you have to live with. Sure, battling it may at times seem like an uphill battle, and there will be times when you will think that it is all pointless, but triumphing over arthritis is always worth the try. No matter how much time and effort you invest, as a reward you get to spend the rest of your life pain-free.

Tony Williams
Tony Williams
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