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A Healthy Alternative Or A Dangerous Pastime? The Truth Behind E-cigs

E-cigarettes do not harm the body in the way that traditional cigarettes do, but at what cost? Until recently e-cigarettes were untested, meaning that the people who smoke them could be in danger. New evidence has now emerged that suggests that smoking e-cigarettes is healthy. With new tests and regulations set out to tackle the growing trend of e-cigarettes we now know more. People can now smoke the electronic alternative in the knowledge that they are safe.

e-cigarettesFour years ago, when the e-cigarette first came onto the western market, there was much speculation. The product was as then untested and so no one was sure how safe the product was. Many people thought that the e-cigarettes must be harmful. The products came from uncertified factories, meaning that authorities could not license them. The emergence of the trend happened so fast that there was no proper legislation to protect people’s health. Anyone could start selling these products without having any formal license, which worried officials. The problem was that the authorities could not keep up with the growing demand of e-cigarettes. They were powerless to regulate the trend and worried about the general public’s health.

After four years of trying to regulate the e-cigarettes, the government has won. There is new research now to suggest that there is nothing harmful about smoking e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes cut out any tar that people inhale from smoking traditional cigarettes. The fact that people are no longer inhaling copious amounts of tar means that they are healthier. People can also use the products to stop their nicotine addiction. The e-cigarettes allow you to decrease your nicotine intake at a slow and steady pace. Having less and less nicotine, and a good pace is the most effective way to quit smoking. The fact that you can get different filters for your e-cigarettes means that you can choose how much nicotine each puff has. By looking into more info on the subject officials, have found that e-cigarettes are safe. They are better for smokers in the long-run and can help people quit smoking in a safe and stable way.

When e-cigarettes first appeared on the market nobody quite knew what to do. One of the biggest questions was can people smoke e-cigarettes in public places. For over a decade now it has been illegal to smoke normal cigarettes in pubs, restaurants and other public places. But with no smoke coming out of e-cigarettes what was the issue? Many establishments made their rules. You would find that many places decided that people could not smoke inside, regardless of the evidence. There is no way in which you can be a passive smoker of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes don’t let out smoke. Instead, they let out vapour. Inhaling the vapour might give you a tiny hit of nicotine, but it will not have any impact on your health. It is legal for people to smoke e-cigarettes inside a public place. It is up to the establishment owner, though to set their rules. If someone who owns a bar objects to you smoking e-cigarettes on the premises then you can’t disobey them.

It is likely to take a long time until e-cigarettes are acceptable in polite society. At the moment, people are still concerned about the unknown. The longer that the products are available, the more accepted they will become. A recent study found that non-smokers find e-cigarettes less offensive than cigarettes. It is clear that people prefer e-cigarette smokers to normal smokers, which is progress. The truth of the matter is that only time will tell whether people will accept the trend as a normal habit, akin to the likes of chewing gum.

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