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5 Times People Injured Themselves Playing Mobile Games

It’s true that playing games on your mobile phone is fun. Being lightweight and very portable, you can bring along your mobile gadget anywhere you go and play with your favorite games any time you want. But it’s a different story if you get very addicted to mobile games that you often find yourself tinkering with your smartphone even while standing in line, commuting or waiting for your order at a restaurant unmindful of the hazards around you.

5 Times People Injured Themselves Playing Mobile Games

In recent years, there had been plenty of incidents involving people getting injured while playing their favorite mobile games. Their injuries vary but the most common part of the body affected are the fingers and arms.

In this digital age, smartphones and other mobile gadgets have made people a bit or more careless of the potential risks surrounding them, according to injury attorney, Daniel Gibalevich. But this should be corrected to reduce accidents in the future and allow people to enjoy the perks of modern life including mobile technology.

Tearing a Tendon

A man from California tore a tendon in his thumb because of the popular puzzle game Candy Crush Saga he had been playing via his smartphone for six to eight straight weeks. The man apparently did not notice the problem nor felt any pain while he was engrossed with his favorite game. The 29-year-old man went to the doctor only when he had difficulty moving his left thumb which also hurt. Through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), doctors found a ruptured tendon in the man’s thumb which needed surgery.

Meanwhile, health experts pointed out that addiction to video games can numb people’s pain.

Crashing a Car

Car accidents had been noted after the Pokemon Go mobile game was launched in the different parts of the world. As the game encouraged people to hunt for Pokemon characters outdoors, many avid players particularly those who drive while playing have met accidents. Some bumped their car to a tree, the others hit pedestrians crossing the street or sprained their ankles but perhaps the worse was fatally hitting a pedestrian in Japan resulting in her death.

Research has shown that the ideal video gaming time should only be one hour or less. Scientists added that while playing mobile video games  bring social and emotional benefits, overdoing it can also have adverse effects.

Straining Muscles

Video game addiction can also take its toll on a person’s muscles. Those who slouch while playing, for instance, have a tendency to suffer from back and neck pain as well as sore shoulders which can last for some time if not immediately treated. If not corrected, this can also affect one’s posture moving forward. If you are experiencing neck pain, you should see a doctor for proper treatment.

Eye Strain

One of the major adverse effects of too much video game playing is eye strain. Since one is glued to the screen most of the time, the eyes are not able to wink regularly as it should resulting in dryness and irritation. Improper lighting while playing can also lead to eye problems later on.

To avoid this issue, the room should be softly lit and keep your mobile device about 20-40 inches away from your eyes. Also, the top of the screen should be at eye level so you won’t have to look down or look up that much. And if you’re already experiencing eye problems, then you may consider visiting professional optometrists.

Knee and Ankle Injury

Those who are fond of playing mobile games while on the go can experience knee and ankle injury if they are not careful. The chances of a fall or slip are great when one gets so engrossed with the game while walking careless of his surroundings. This can happen as well when walking on rough or wet surfaces.

The point here is it’s okay to have fun while you entertain yourself but it’s also very important to be mindful of what’s going on around you to avoid accidents and injuries. It’s always best to put a limit on one’s gaming habit.

Tony Williams
Tony Williams
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