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2017 Will Bring Massive Changes For The Medical Industry

It’s true to say that the medical industry is now changing at a rapid pace. The way patients are treated and how care is handled will continue evolve. Let’s look at some of the biggest changes and how patients will be affected as well as doctors.

Less Face To Face Meetings

In future, if you want to speak to a doctor, you might find yourself calling rather than booking an appointment. Indeed, some medical practices are already introducing instant messaging into medical care. Patients can send a message to their doctor and ask them if they need a checkup. If they don’t, it will save the doctor time and free up the waiting room. Although, there are certainly some concerns with this modern model. Will it lead to a lower standard of care?

America’s Healthcare System Could Be Abolished

If you live in America, you might be reading Trump’s comments on Obamacare, feeling understandably nervous. After all, experts have suggested 25 million Americans would lose insurance if the system was abolished. Although, recent comments from Trump suggest he might just make amendments to Obamacare. Still any change to a system that almost works could be met with skepticism from the American public.

More Tech Input

Finally, there are innovative tech ideas from all over the world that could massively improve the quality of medical care. From nanotechnology in Israel to printed organs, there are tech experts all over the world working hard to change medicine. You can read more about these exciting developments in the following infographic.


Infographic Produced By Adelphi University

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