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USA Used Tear Gas Against Refugees At The Border With Mexico

Migrants wanted to climb over border fence.

Tear Gas Against Refugees

US border guards once again have used tear gas on a group of refugees from Central America at the crossing of the border between Mexico and the United States. According to an eyewitness, US security officials fired the irritant gas into Mexico on Tuesday night in the Mexican border town of Tijuana when some people wanted to climb the border fence.

In a similar incident in November, Mexico had demanded an investigation because weapons had been sent to the territory of Mexico. No statement was received from the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The US Border Patrol (CBP) said tear gas had been used as migrants threw stones at US officials to help children and adolescents cross the barbed wire fence. In total, around 150 Central American refugees had gathered near the border fence on Monday evening. Most returned to Mexico, according to the CBP, 25 people – including two teenagers – got arrested.

Thousands of people from impoverished and violent countries in Central America have been trying to get into the US via Mexico in recent months. They camp in Tijuana and hope to be granted asylum in the US. However, US President Donald Trump has urged US border guards to crack down. The discussion about US immigration policy is aggravated by the budget dispute in the USA. Trump calls on Congress to release $5 billion to build his promised wall on the Mexican border. Which was rejected by democrats.

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