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Trump Postpones Speech On The State Of The Nation To 5 February

House Speaker Nacny Pelosi announced the new date of the end of Government Shutdown.

Trump Postpones Speech

US President Donald Trump is his account of the spending freeze keep shifted’s State of the Nation is now on 5 February. This was announced by the chairman of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, on Monday in Washington. Because of the budget dispute, there was also talk of the conflict between Trump and Pelosi, which the president traditionally holds in the hall of the House of Representatives.

The chamber chairman, who is also the faction leader of the opposition Democrats, had denied the President because of the budget blockade, the appearance in the House of Representatives, citing their house right. The speech was originally planned for this Tuesday.

Even though the five-week “shutdown” ended on Friday, the date for the speech has now been postponed by one week. Trump is likely in the speech again to vigorously promote the provision of billions for his project of a wall on the border with Mexico.

His dispute with Democrats for a sum of 5.7 billion dollars (five billion euros) required for the construction of the wall had led to the budget lock, which affected about a quarter of the federal authorities. The blockade was lifted by means of a three-week transition budget, which should create space for new negotiations.

Since he still has not been provided budget money for his wall, the president has already threatened with a new “shutdown”. As an alternative, he also considers the proclamation of a state of emergency to get the funds bypassing the congress.

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