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Trump Now Wants To Close Border Crossings To Mexico

With the complete closure of the border crossings, both passenger traffic and trade would cease.

Trump Threats To Close Border

There are growing signs around the White House that President Donald Trump is seriously considering closing the border with Mexico. His chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said on Sunday, there must be something “dramatic” happen so that Trump should make his threat not true. This month, 100,000 people would cross the border illegally.

This is a humanitarian crisis and a security crisis emphasized Mulvaney. Trump himself had said that the probability of closing the border was “very high.” “We have exhausted our capacity and we will not take in any more illegals – the next step is to close the border,” he wrote on Twitter on Saturday. His White House advisor, Kellyanne Conway, also expressed a similar opinion over the weekend, saying the president would not bluff.

In the case of a border closure, not only would passenger traffic be cut off over one of the most highly frequented state borders in the world, but also trade – with incalculable economic consequences. Mulvaney told CNN that the government was indeed concerned about the potential economic impact. However, concerns about safety are greater.

Trump hopes that in case of a border closure also the infiltration of illegal drugs will be contained. However, as an argument for his controversial construction of the wall, he had always emphasized that traffickers and drug smugglers above all use the “green” border. The closure of border crossings would not get this problem under control.

Meanwhile, the US government again threatened the Central American countries El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala to cut aid. The governments did not do enough to stop illegal migrants attempting to enter the US from the three countries. “They have done nothing for us,” President Donald Trump is quoted by US media.

He had already issued a corresponding threat in October. Now the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will implement a Trump directive, the ministry said on Saturday. It should also be included in the Congress.

It’s about payments for the years 2017 and 2018 in the total volume of well over $ 500 million, which have not yet flowed in large parts. It was initially unclear whether the Democrats could prevent the move by holding a majority in the House of Representatives. The Washington Post reported that a delegation of Democrats visiting El Salvador this weekend described Trump’s intentions as “counterproductive.”

The move is also surprising because Homeland Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen had just signed an agreement with the three countries to curb migration. Politicians from Latin America said the number of refugees was falling. Experts said in the ” Washington Post “, the payments were not directly to the governments, but to aid organization, whose projects to combat the causes of flight from the US were approved.

Tony Williams
Tony Williams
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