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Security Adviser of Trump is Phone Buddy of Russian Ambassador to Washington

Another awkward news is in the air that President-Elect Donald Trump Adviser was in contact with Russian ambassador through texting. Retired Army General Michael Flynn has been in contact with Russian Ambassador to Washington, disclosed by Trump’s team.

Security Adviser of Trump is Phone Buddy of Russian Ambassador to Washington

While speaking to media Sean Spicer, spokesman to Trump told that “Flynn wasn’t in frequent contact with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak but have been in touch recently on numbers of various issues.

Report says that Russian Ambassador texted to Flynne on 28 December but he they didn’t connect by phone till 29 December.

Whereas centuries old law stated that “the Logan Act, forbids any US citizen acting without official US authority from influencing “disputes or controversies” involving the US and a foreign government.”

When White House Secretary Josh Earnest was asked to give his stand on the news he replied that “I’ve read some of these reports and I think, to answer your question as bluntly as I can, it depends on what. And I know that some members of the President-elect’s transition team have tried to describe those conversations. Obviously, I have zero insight into what may have been communicated back and forth, so I’d refer you to General Flynn himself or spokespeople for the transition who may be able to provide additional insight into the nature of those conversations and why those conversations were initiated.”

Tony Williams
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