Published On: Sun, Jan 6th, 2019

No Money Due To “Shutdown”: Security Staff Is Missing Now

The dispute over the financing of the wall to Mexico is dangerous, there were three deaths in US national parks.

No Money Due To Shutdown

His gut, says Donald Trump, helps him make better decisions than the wisest consultant heads. At the moment, the American President’s guts say something like this, as evidenced by a bizarre appearance in the Rose Garden of the White House: continue the government’s stalemate in the dispute over the wall on the border with Mexico. 800,000 civil servants, who have been either on unpaid leave since 22 December or who have to work without wages, are willing to accept the financial stalemate if it serves national security. The reality looks obviously different.

Some 55,000 TSA officials checking passports and searching bags at US airports report getting sick more and more, according to the union. At hubs such as Dallas/Texas, the increase is 300 percent. The employees do not do “blue”. They look for odd jobs to pay the next rent. Precarious are the effects also in the state-run National Parks, where 16,000 of 19,000 rangers and helpers were sent home and virtually free admission prevails. Since the beginning of the shutdown, according to media reports, there are not only huge mountains of rubbish there. But also three deaths.