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Nancy Pelosi, “The Lady Gaga Of US Politics”

Democrat Nancy Pelosi rose for the second time as chairman of the House of Representatives, thanks to the success of the Democrats in the congressional election – and to the most powerful opponent of Donald Trump.

Nancy Pelosi

For months she has toured all over the US to collect and promote millions of dollars for the Democratic candidates. Nancy Pelosi reached her goal on the eve of the Midterm elections: the head of a “pink wave,” a new women’s movement in US politics, the 78-year-old has become the third highest representative in the hierarchy of Washington for the second time – after the President and Vice President.

For more than 30 years, Pelosi has been representing the left-liberal electoral constituency of San Francisco in the second chamber of parliament, where she cited as Speaker from 2007 to 2011. In 2010, she was instrumental in the adoption of “Obamacare”, the controversial health care reform. Now she succeeds Republican Paul Ryan. The former vice-presidential candidate is leaving politics – partly because of internal opposition to Donald Trump.

Trump faces a tough, stubborn adversary whose strength lies not in rhetoric, but in the organization. As an insider she knows the workings of the congress, the parliamentary tricks, the obstruction and the committees of inquiry. And she will fight Trump from the first day of the consecration and reconstitution in January.

Sources: The New York Times

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