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Donald Trump Gave Chris Christie Fashion Tips To Look Thinner

In his memoirs, the former governor of New Jersey writes about Trump’s curious advice.

Donald Trump

About Donald Trump’s fashion and beauty mishaps was puzzled a lot in the past. Why does not anyone advise him against this carrot self-tanner? Why are all his suits generally too big? And: What’s up with the too-long ties?

In the latter case, Cris Christie, former governor of New Jersey, now brings a little light into the darkness. In book “Let Me Finish,” the 56-year-old writes that Donald Trump advised him to wear longer ties during the 2016 presidential campaign. The US president described the trick as a “slimming agent”.

Trump obviously follows his advice rigorously himself – and has many other clever tie-knacks in stock. In December 2016, the Twitter community enjoyed their arrival at the airport in Indianapolis. A strong gust of wind revealed the tape the US President had placed under his tie.

So how does a perfect tie sit? Too long, as with Donald Trump, seems as unprofessional as too short. It may and should protrude an inch into the waistband or belt.

Tony Williams
Tony Williams
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