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Why Engineering Graduates Find It Easy To Get Jobs In Today’s Economic Climate

It’s no secret that today’s economic climate is turbulent at best. One crucial turning point was the last decade (the global economic crisis). The good news is that, these days, the world’s economy appears to be improving.

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Still, the recovery process is a long one. Some countries are reporting slower growth in GDP than others. And some industries are finding it hard to survive. One curious statistic is to do with the engineering industry. The eagle-eyed among us will no doubt see a plethora of job postings in that niche. But, what’s more interesting is how fast those positions get filled!

University graduates, in particular, seem to be filling many of those roles. But, why is that? Well, it turns out there are plenty of reasons for that phenomenon:

Companies are keen to develop new talent

Just like with any niche, fresh new talent is a must if they are to remain on the cutting edge industry. Young graduates like those from programs such as the network engineering program in Fairview Heights, IL¬†offer businesses the chance to mold those individuals into tomorrow’s engineering experts.

From a company’s perspective, it also means graduates are more likely to stay on board for longer. There’s no denying that it costs a lot of money to hire people these days. All firms want to keep their HR costs down as much as possible.

Startups are crying out for graduate engineers

It’s not just established firms that hire graduates. There is a growing trend of startups hiring them too. They offer new businesses the chance to offer a fresh alternative to the market. With a team of younger workers, it gives them the opportunity to reach audiences with ease.

Another reason startups target engineering graduates is because they are cheaper to hire. Sure, they still have to train them in specific areas. But, the total cost is often lower than employing and training experienced workers.

Established firms offer job security

You might not think it, but long-serving companies use graduates to ensure job security. MACS Australia, for example, is a business that are proud to hire engineering graduates. Their commitment to hiring a new generation of engineers is a big selling point to their clients.

That’s because engineering clients prefer to use forward-thinking suppliers, not “traditional” ones.

Graduate skills are transferable

When you have a degree in mechanical engineering or any other engineering discipline, you have one advantage. You can use your qualifications to work in a variety of different roles! Some degrees only mean you are just qualified to work in one niche.

But, engineering graduates can make use of their skills and qualifications in many roles. That is one of the primary reasons why it’s easier for them to find jobs after university.

Is there a future for engineering graduates?

You might think that “all good things must come to an end.” Let’s say the future involves robots and computers taking over many roles done by humans. Engineers are still needed to program and design all kinds of construction projects.

Those are skills that can only get learnt by humans completing university degree courses. So, in short, yes, there is a future for engineering graduates.

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