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What Will Warfare Look Like In The Future?

Some people think the future of modern warfare is impossible to predict. However, there are lots of new technologies making their way onto the scene at the current time. We consulted some military experts to find out more. The types of technology listed on this page will become popular in the coming years. Most of them are designed to limit civilian casualties and keep our soldiers as safe as possible. You might be surprised to learn the future of warfare looks pretty similar to a Terminator movie. Then again, inventors have always taken their ideas from books and films.

National Guard

More Military Drones

There are already thousands of military drones in operation around the world. Many of them work as reconnaissance vehicles. However, a lot of them carry weapons too. The main advantage of using drones is that our military personnel can stay a long way from the action. That means the chances of them becoming injured are non-existent. Drone control technology works in much the same way as computer games. The user operates the craft from a computer screen miles away from danger. The HD cameras make it easy for them hit their targets accurately.

Google Glass

Google Glass has proven a real issue for civilians. The company launched some prototypes last year that performed quite well. However, there were lots of legal issues surrounding their application in society. That is why Google is now perfecting the technology for military employees. It will eventually allow them to access lots of information while on the move. It could also help to highlight potential explosive devices. Out of all the upcoming military technology around at the moment, Google Glass is by far the most impressive. You will see it used more frequently as we move towards 2020.

The Use of Robotics

Boston Dynamics is one of the most technologically advanced companies in the world. Designers focus their efforts on creating robots for military applications. Some of their latest designs are like nothing we’ve seen before. Many of them can carry weapons, but they are currently used for equipment transportation. The devices will eventually make life in the military much easier. They will also help to limit the amount of casualties our armed forces create. With heartbeat-seeking capabilities, the robots can effectively target the enemy.

Those were just some of the new technologies you can expect to see over the next couple of years. Of course, there are lots of secrets in the armed forces. So, they are sure to use many items you’ll never encounter in a post like this. The items we’ve just listed are just the ones the military has chosen to reveal. You can bet your bottom dollar they have even more impressive technology up their sleeves.

At a time when people are complaining about a lack of funding for the armed forces, it’s pretty clear to see they’re not doing that bad. Boston Dynamics spends millions of dollars of military investment every year. Some of their robots cost more than $5million to produce. So, there’s no need to worry about anything. Those brave soldiers have everything they need.

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