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What Are Global Food Companies Doing About Sustainability?

There is a huge drive in the global food industry to implement more sustainable processes and techniques. Governments around the world are putting a lot of pressure on the big names to ensure they improve their operations. We all know how dangerously low fish levels have become in our oceans. That is why it’s so vital that we look at new ways of protecting the food we consume. Overfishing has become a major issue just like poaching.

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We spoke to some of the top food sellers in the world to find out what they are doing to meet sustainability targets.

  • Protecting fish and other marine creatures

Most companies now understand that protecting the ocean is the best way to ensure we always have enough fish. They invest millions every year by funding campaign groups and charities that push for better regulation. It is often the practices of less than reputable firms that cause the problems. Experts say we must start to monitor the number of fish taken out of our oceans every day. All fishermen around the world should obtain licences to ensure they act in a responsible manner.

  • Specially designed farming

Another great way of producing sustainable food is to open more farms. Food companies are doing that on a daily basis both on land and at sea. Poultry farmers are encouraged to use poultry grit and other organic feeds.  Farmed salmon already makes up a significant percentage of all fish sold. Experts advise that we need to work even harder to create more farms. Ocean fishing would be suitable if the world’s population were less. Even so, we need an alternative. Allocating parts of the land and sea for big food producing companies seems to be the way forward.

  • Reducing poaching

Poaching is a real problem for both fish and meat producers. People without the right licences gain access to public land and kill animals for their personal gain. The same thing happens at sea. It is almost impossible for anyone to stop people fishing illegally in the ocean at the moment. Regulators want to implement a system that would use radar to find the worst perpetrators. Those who are found to engage in poaching would then face criminal charges. The practice is illegal in most countries today, but few people are convicted.

There is still a long way to go before we reach sustainability. However, we’re moving in the right direction. As governments place more pressure on the people at the top, everyone should notice improvements. At the end of the day, the human race would not survive if food supplies run short. So, it’s important to get the supply chain right and not to cause any unnecessary extinctions. We all want our children to grow up in a place where food is plentiful, and so we have to work hard. We’re on the right path, but there are still lots of stumbling blocks in our way.

At least now you understand that food companies are trying to make a difference.

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