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Trade Show Exhibits

What are the best trends for custom trade show exhibits? We’ve collected several of the best of the best. If your company has plans to develop a trade show booth or exhibit, consider these excellent and industry-wide trends which are gaining in popularity.

Trade Show Exhibits

Focus on Engagement


Create a great “wow” to hook attendees as soon as they’re in line of sight of your booth… off of the showroom floor. Place branded materials and 3D props or balloons in the hotel ballrooms, and create unique settings or environments which tell your story without ever needing a salesperson in the area. Condense your message and make it relevant to the viewer; have a poppy slogan which can be seen and read from afar that can offer a powerful connection to the viewer.

More and more research shows that younger attendees want to take active roles in the conversation; not just to be spoken to. Provide opportunities when making your exhibit for individuals to take part, to be heard, and to join in the conversation. .

And design your engagement with the end result in mind. If you’re looking for visitors to take some kind of action after leaving your exhibit, ensure that you reach out to them after the exhibit to help remind them to take any secondary action. Live event marketing isn’t just about the moment; it’s about the follow-up.

When Considering Design

Wood finishes and high, architectural backs are in, often in textured, real materials… replacing the faux plywoods and lighter sets of former years. A popular element many individuals are adding behind or within their booths include lounge spaces or phone charging areas, which help draw individuals in.

Depending on the industry, closeted spaces for small meetings and a certain amount of privacy are also gaining headway. This is often accomplished with simple privacy screens to block sight and sound.

But more than anything, the best trade show exhibits are including space, Backlit exhibit booth display and pop up banner display materials, as well as backdrop for live exhibits and presentations. And each element of a booth’s design is being built with purpose in mind. For example, some fabrics are being chosen for their ability to show projections as nicely as any screen, and some lighting mounts are also being used to include video recorders or small speakers.

The Right Technology

Any savvy trade show marketer is likely going to be interested in a few great apps to help the experience run smoothly. iBeacon is a great tool that can be used to pinpoint visitors within an event, and can notify them of products and companies nearby. Fatstax is another great app: one which can display your company catalogue or information in a fashion which also includes lead capture options which can integrate into your CRM. Now your catalogues can do the work for you!

Gone, too, are the days of static images and cardboard. Most trade show veterans have migrated towards electronic picture frames instead, some of which can even have basic ipad functionality; allowing individuals to swipe through several images, which can all be branded, or display more detailed product information, even pdf catalogues. Though they’re often more expensive than more simple cardboard stand ups, they also don’t need to be replaced as often, and are a good green alternative.

RFID and NFC coding to track visitor behavior and even trigger information displays on digital screens is another practice that’s growing steam. Often these codes are put into attendee badges, and can be tracked with a variety of hardware and software. Tracking this information and analyzing it well can help you gauge success and identify key points of weakness in your exhibit.

Looking to the Future

Trade show marketing is no longer just about speaking to a crowd of passers-by: it’s about creating a tangible experience which not only draws people in, but collects data. Encouraging participation in events for prizes and really breaking out technological wow factors are also going to be a trend that maintains.

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