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To Go to College or Not to Go to College – That Is the Question

To go to college or not to go to college? Many kids nearing the end of high school are asking themselves this. They wonder whether they will benefit by going to college and completing an Adult Diploma Program, or whether they will just drown in debt that they will never be able to repay. However, there are many benefits to going to college, be that music college or astrophysics, or even a baptist university and you need to be aware of those. Let’s take a look at why going to college is such a good idea.

To Go to College or Not to Go to College
University of Birmingham take part in their degree congregations as they graduate on July 14, 2009 in Birmingham, England. Over 5000 graduates will be donning their robes this week to collect their degrees from The University of Birmingham. A recent survey suggested that there are 48 graduates competing for every job. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
  1. There Are More Job Opportunities

This generation is the one that lived through the recession, and they have been conditioned to think that there are no jobs out there. However, the Department of Labor showed, in 2009, that 10% of those who only had a high school diploma were unemployed, compared to 6.8% of those with a college degree. The reason for this is because those who have completed a college degree are more qualified and trained, and this is what employers look for.

  1. You Can Earn More

According to the same study by the Department of Labor, the average income of a high school graduate in employment was $626 per week. Those with a bachelor’s degree, by contrast, earned an average of $1,025 per week. Go further and obtain a masters degree, and the average weekly earnings were $1,257, nearly double that of a high school graduate.

  1. You Will Be Professionally Trained

One of the greatest benefits of going to college is that you are prepared to enter the professional world. Holding a bachelor’s degree (or higher) shows prospective employers that you are competent in what you do. Furthermore, you will have quite a bit of practical experience due to the fact that colleges usually want you to complete an internship.

  1. You Get Excellent All-Round Development

College is about more than just getting a good job and a nice paycheck. By going to college, you also develop yourself. When you go to college, you are intellectually stimulated and receive global exposure, and this isn’t something that you cannot get anywhere else. A high school diploma is important, but it doesn’t prepare you to be an adult in the way college does. It is here that your skills and whole persona will become more sophisticated and experience.

It is a known fact that going to college can raise your societal status, boost your self-esteem, and shape your personality. In fact, studies have shown that a college degree doesn’t just improve the quality of life of the individual, but also that of their community. This was reported on by the College Board, who demonstrated graduates volunteered more, were more likely to vote and to donate blood, and engaged in other “socially valuable behaviors”.

Yes, the cost of college is rising, which is undeniable. However, if you are wondering whether that cost is still worth it, the answer is a wholehearted “yes”.

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