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The Shocking But Beautiful Revelation Of A French Journalist Held Captive By ISIS For 10 months

Stratfor had published a recent article on the rebel issue that has been faced in Syria and by the people of the region. We all know how bad the conditions in Syria have become, as a result of which many Syrians have migrated to other parts of the world, especially Europe. Basically, they tried to go wherever they felt that they would be welcomed with open or somewhat supportive arms.

 Nicolas Henin

A Journalist’s Story

Recently, a French journalist by the name of Nicolas Henin, who was held captive by ISIS for a period of 10 months, returned back home and revealed his experience in the region and how ISIS can officially be defeated. The basic essence of his talk was that the Syrians need to be given sufficient support so that their sentiments could be won. The only way that the world can defeat ISIS is by taking away the little support that they do have from the locals in the region. And the sad part is that the only reason they have supported the entity is that they do not have anyone else to look towards or any other entity who can keep them protected from ISIS.

The most moving statement that he said was that the winner that will emerge at the end of this war will not be the party with the most expensive and newest weapons. Rather, it will be the party that will win all the people over to their side. For this, the international community really needs to stand together against this major threat and fully support the innocent locals. Stratfor has been pretty vocal with regards to the difficulties that the various rebel groups, mostly backed by the United States, have been putting towards the local people in Syria.

How The International Community Can Win The Locals Over

All the countries need to understand that the only reason ISIS is even strong in the region is because they are still receiving support for what they do from around them. Once they stop getting this support, they will automatically die down and eventually fall apart. This support system needs to be broken down once and for all and what the international community needs to do is be sure that they fully show support towards the locals in Syria so that they know that they have someone to turn to.

How This Links To The Paris Attacks

The Paris attacks were most likely initiated in the first place by ISIS to make sure that the international community slowly starts closing borders to them. Additionally, they are also looking towards closing the minds of the people further, because once they stop thinking, they will eventually stop questioning ISIS and their motives completely. If this is not stopped at the grass root level, who knows what will happen!

Such attacks and the resultant closing of borders only pushes the locals in Syria and surrounding places directly towards ISIS because they have no other alternative. Now, wouldn’t it be better if the locals are engaged instead and given adequate support so that they do not feel the need to seek refuge with these terrorists?

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