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The Low Down on Fake Security Cameras. Do They Work?

So you want to boost your home safety levels. If you’re struggling to decide the best method, have you considered installing a fake security camera? Here is the lowdown on how effective they truly are.

Fake surveillance cameras

Firstly, let’s talk about whether or not they reduce levels of crime. Well, research has shown than they do. The reason is simple. Common criminals aren’t out there for hard work. They are looking for things around the property to make their lives easier, not harder. For example, a house with a ladder in the garden will look more appealing than one without. A house with single glazing in a street full of houses with double glazing is the same. And gardens with large bushes and trees that they can hide in are the same.

Conversely, if there are active deterrents at play, they may go elsewhere. These deterrents could include guard dogs, security decals or, indeed, security cameras. This is where to home-owner can get clever. It is likely that burglars will not chance entering a home that has even the smallest chance of having a huge guard dog inside. And, burglars will also probably keep away from houses with security cameras, for risk of getting caught.

There are steps you must take in order to select the right commercial security systems. Here’s An Enterprise’s Guide To Installing Commercial Security Systems.

So let’s now discuss which cameras work at putting criminals off, and which don’t. It’s worth noting, those that feature the wrong details can do more harm than good. Instead, look for a camera that has blinking lights. Zoom lenses are also an effective detail; if there is a criminal looking into your camera to see if it’s real, this will probably scare them. Because, of course, a zoomed recording means a clearer recording of the individual. The last thing a burglar wants is to get caught. Motion sensors can also be good.

However, one element that you should always consider is the cables. It is very, very unlikely that would find a real security camera with only one wire. This is because, for it to work, it would need an input wire as well as an input wire. Even if petty criminals only know one thing about spotting a fake, it is this. So, only buy a fake with an authentic looking amount of cabling.

If you’re worried about fake security cameras not looking as genuine as a real one, consider this. Especially at night, the would-be criminal would have to get pretty close to be able to tell. Again, there is a very good chance they will just look elsewhere.

Finally, let’s talk about cost. Buying a real security camera is not only expensive for the device itself, but there are then several other components to consider. You’ll need to have the device properly wired and then maintained. This will include changing the tapes, keeping backups and having storage for past files. If you’re running a large business, this might be worth the investment, but what about to deter home break-ins? A fake security camera is a much more affordable option, and could be exactly what you need to keep your property safe and sound.

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