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The Crimes Being Committed Against Small Businesses

Crimes committed against businesses are on the rise. This is something that is mainly down to the rise in cyber crime; something which is becoming easier to commit all the time. Here are the most common crimes that are being committed against small businesses. If you run a small business, it’s vital to do what you can to guard against them.

cyber crimeOnline Fraud

Online fraud is the area in which crime against businesses is growing most. It is a big problem, and all companies are having to change and adapt to deal with it. Fraudsters can do all kinds of things to extract money from a company via the internet. Many of them use phishing techniques. This is when they try to get unwitting business owners to relay their private financial details on a website. Other more complex cyber criminals simply hack their way into a network and get their hands on money that way. A strong security system and a knowledge of the latest fraud techniques are both strong defences against online fraud.

Theft of Information

These days, information is just as valuable as money or solid assets. Copyright theft can take all kinds of forms. Sometimes, people try to use the cover of an existing brand to make money from people. This is a form of fraud and copyright theft. But sometimes the problem occurs between rival businesses competing for the same customers. If a business can get hold of information through illegal means that can help them get ahead, the owner might be tempted. But this can be severely punished under cyber crime laws, so the temptation should be resisted.

In-Store Theft

One of the most common crimes committed against businesses is in-store theft. This is nothing new, but it’s a problem that doesn’t look like disappearing anytime soon. Of course, this is not a problem for the many businesses that now only operate online. But any business with a physical store presence will suffer a level of petty theft that can add up to a substantial sum over time. The vast majority of these acts of theft are committed by customers who take things from shelves. A small minority of product thefts are committed by staff members, but that’s usually not the case. Security cameras tend to lower company theft of this nature. Therefore, businesses with brick and mortar shops should consider installing a Commercial video surveillance system.


Coordinated burglaries by gangs of criminals are still all too common. Although it is true that it is becoming increasingly difficult for burglars to get away with this kind of crime. Most business premises are rigged with many CCTV or security cameras that safety systems that can hinder burglars. When security systems get more intricate, methods of breaking in do too though. The only way for business owners to stop this kind of thing happening to them is by bolstering their exterior security. Even the appearance of a modern security system can deter burglars because they obviously prefer easy targets. Motion sensor lights, a prominent burglar alarm and functional cctv security cameras are the basics you should have.

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